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Well I blew the last bit of money in the business account on a 600 W light kit with 3 lights. I hope they pay for themselves soon. The good news is I've got 3-4 photoshoots already. I just need to start beating the pavement starting next week. Along with all the tiny details I decided should be sorted (like a PO box etc.) The new domain will have to wait at least a month as I don't want to borrow money from ourselves to do it and it is not mission critical. However it does give you, the internets, more time to come up with new domain ideas. Although acidaperture seems to be the front runner to beat. And it is growing on me I suppose.
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Yesterday was Saturday, today Sunday. I've got two weeks left of work and then... I am doing pretty well at panicking without freaking out about it. The worst I've been is overly snappish. I'm trying to get my one regular illustration job to give me a better rate (I've been working with them for nearly a year now at bargain basement prices). My new and improved photography portfolio is nearly finished I just need that pesky artist's statement and some feedback. If anybody would like to digitally thumb through it and give me your impressions let me know. Other ways you can help (if you are so inclined) is to recommend me to your friends, families and pets. Most of my growth is going to be word of mouth so...

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I realized last night that while it's not enough to live on the work I've got lined up through the end of January is nearly enough to put myself in a new work desk (as per the $1-1.5K minimum threshold) all we need to do is figure out how to get one of the two IKEAs near me to stock it so we can go buy it.
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My interview with [ profile] mrsbrewer is up over at Freelance Parent. I think she did a great job of making me sound like I know what I'm doing! It's really weird to have a third person look at yourself like that.

PS: New Octopus
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Monday and the illustration gig is finished1. Today is for errands and hopefully some doodling, maybe an octopus, and penciling my Instructions for the Most Delicious French Toast comic.

The photo below is from wandering around (escorted) a local data center in the hopes that some of my shots will result in some moneys. Because we like moneys.

Also who would be interested in home brewed acid-tongue (that's me) original silk screened shirts? I have been debating the purchase of a silkscreen for just such a purchase. If you were interested would $18-20 (plus shipping) be too rich for you? Please let me know.

Check Out My Rack, originally uploaded by toosuto.

1. Barring any minor edits on the finals I sent in today
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I am an octopus makin' machine! Also, I love my fancy new brush pen.
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I've got two new octopi and they (like all future octopi) will be posted in the blogger blog I set up to be attached to I'll probably always announce new content here but you could always fire up your feed readers if you wanted too. Also octopi are back up for sale!
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So I wrapped up a commissioned monkey last week and finally got it uploaded to the website this evening. The cutest button pushing monkey ever. I've also got a little web masthead in the works that due to photography scheduling issues (I needed an american dollar) has officially taken far too long. Ah well.
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I finished yet another piece of art from the oh-so-old meme-post. [ profile] belladonnalin got a couple of photographs in a piece I have entitled "Monkeytoes Takes A Nap" and [ profile] bryree received (via email) "Bertholt & Muggins," a modified version of which is now gracing the index page over at acid tongue. I've also been starting to tool around in there (the site) I'd like to get some sort of bio up soon but dread writing it and I am also slowly working to put some of the pieces in some sort of context other than, "here is some work I did." So they don't seem so much like visual non-sequitors.

In other news I bid on a CD packaging project and I am on pins and needles waiting to hear back to see if I get it. So wish me luck, my fragile freelancing ego needs the boost of getting paid work from strangers.
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Even those who didn't mention it. acid tongue: now with 100% more leash. Huzzah!
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Some more pictures from the Inlander over at acid-tongue. One from the Global Commute/Invisible Children protest here in Spokane and a portrait of a local distance runner who is, apparently, insanely good.
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It's not the new homepage I'm jonesing for but I've added some photographs in the last few days as well as some honest to god illustrations.
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So I kind of was very unhappy with round one of the website. I think what I want to do is dump the newspost on the front page, replace it with illustration/navigation and second level pages more like this. Opinions? Comments?

Also for what it is worth, there are some good photos that on that second page that won't end up in my flickr photostream...
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Sort of.
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So I need three suggestions for things you might find hanging from a line.
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Domain purchased. Files uploaded.

I suppose this means I need to actually have some content huh?

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