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Ugh. Sick today. Thank goodness I got the shot early in the day when I felt well enough to treat myself to a small (ok not so small) pan au chocolate. Other than a couple of hours of work today has been about naps and shooting super mutants in the head.

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Did I mention that my biggest irritation with the Highland Games here in town was the fact that there was no haggis for me taste test? So, anyone know of a decent, available in the US haggis option for me? I really want to make sure I get the good stuff...

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Oh internets? How does one actually eat a fresh fig?
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We got our first box of fruit from Fresh Abundance on Wednesday and it is (was?) delicious: blackberries, strawberries, kiwi, apples bananas and a mango. My lunch has never been so fruitilicious. Plus the carrots [ profile] secret_hippie picked up the same day actually taste like carrots! I'd forgotten that I liked them that much.
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It's been a long stupid week but it ended well: my tablet arrived in the post yesterday (Friday) so I hope to start working more digitally, and Sar and I declared by mid afternoon: F*ck it we're heading out for dinner so we had delicious delicious dinner. Homemade lamb sausage with pork medallions and baked beans, mushroom ravioli in a bacon cream sauce, apple gruyere salad, shrimp, beer and apple tart with fresh made ice cream and pineapple upside-down cake for dessert. Plus we got to be indignant about her job (not to speak ill of the dead but Old Librarian™ was a lazy nutjob) as well as my jobs (dumber than a box of lobotomized rocks). But there are good things too: at least one more MS job (even after old project manager departed so: yay!), a quick photoshoot for Owl Kids (thanks [ profile] thedragonweaver) and an local illustration commission to finish up. Slowly but surely: progress.

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Sara and Rona were up shortly after me this morning. We thought we'd go to Knight's Diner (closed), Dolly's (closed) and Frank's Diner (closed). We were also going to swing by Fred Meyer to do some shopping for Rona (she needs more pants) and a some odds and ends (Thistle needs a good shampoo as she's too fat to clean herself now and reeks of stale urine) they were closed too. At this point it was nearly six so we headed back to Dolly's. Tracy, the Best Waitress Ever™ was there and was ecstatic to see us. We got hugs and then she poured my hot chocolate (as always). A Denver omelette, a serving of hash browns, some pancakes, a sausage patty and an English muffin later and we felt much better. It's nice to be the permanent regular no matter how long you've been gone.
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Why did no one ever tell me that tapas was Spanish dim sum? [ profile] secret_hippie, [ profile] aphereal and I went out and met [ profile] rethought at La Tasca and had Tappas for a Tenner which was delicious. We hung out and visited then walked down hoping to get a pint at the Tunnels, which turned out to be closed. We turned around and walked down to the Noose and Monkey instead. Between the conversation and the lovely late sunset we came close to missing the last bus home (at 11:04). Today we are staying close to home so the family can recoup before flying down to London-town for a couple of days before heading back stateside. By about Saturday things will return to normal here for us. There's a lot of work to be done in the meantime. I've got to order software etc. for Sara's phone interviews, we need to reclaim the house and our routine, figure out our moneys and start looking at return tickets. We are crossing our fingers that our future will start to appear less hazy as we work at it, so send any extra good thoughts our way. We'll let you know what's happening as soon as we know what's happening (eep).

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[ profile] slownewsday makes the most delicious food, although my hate of aubergines is quite high, I was almost tempted to steal a taste of the vegetarian meal she made for her friend [ profile] yanners on Sunday. But not quite.

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Good morning! Today is Friend Fried Chicken Day: yay! Also last night I wrapped up my a freelance job. won't be updated for a little while yet but the masthead over at Dollar Philanthropy is looking pretty slick don't you think?

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Gyahhhhhh, so good. It easily made me as happy as this gem (link to aif file) from Qwantz.

Anyway, Salmon nigiri and magura maki:Sushi, Ya? )
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I travelled 4313 miles to get dim sum. And it was worth it: deep fried taro spring rolls, steamed pork buns, beef cheung fun, king prawn dumplings and shanghai grilled dumplings. I do the happy dim sum dance! Squee!
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I think I need to get some soon. Although I am not so desperate for it that I started stuffing handfuls of this down my gullet as soon as I saw it. I didn't have that idea until another flickr user asked if I'd had any. They were just alone in a big crate on the pier, freshly harvested.

OK my mouth is seriously watering now...

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Chili and cornbread tonight! Even if it is Jiffy cornbread...
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Camembert and Plum Kettle Chips. This place is heaven.
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We had so much crab yesterday we couldn't eat it all so today [ profile] secret_hippie made these yummy crab cakes!

I have decided to call them Mostly Crab Cakes because unlike ones I get in restaurants these are made of mostly crab. )
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A really easy, easy weekend. Performed on Friday and despite a slow start I had an excellent second half. I've been personally unhappy with performances lately so its nice to know I am cycling around. Tetrified 4th Dimension indeed.

Saturday we got up early as is Rona's want (or is it wont?) and eventually made our way to the Fair to wander around and eat funnel cake. We also discovered that Rona likes barbecued beef sandwiches. While the food is not readily apparent this her during her meal:
I am working to post more pictures of her more often for your heart melting convenience )

The poor thing has been teething and had a cold at the same time and she's all hoarse from the stuffed up nose and wheezing. Saturday night we watched some of our television (although we watch it slower now that we are at the end of the season and will have to wait until January for more) and the new Disney dub of Nausicaa (two thumbs up.) Sunday was yet more of doing nothing. Some house cleaning and a late lunch at Rock City (chicken quesadilla, Texas Egg Rolls and sauceless pizza with tomatoes, pepperoni, and cheese, cheese and cheese. Celebrated mine, my da's and our aunt Jan's birthday with barbecued chicken, ribs, spinach salad and potatoes and "tropical cheesecake."

Work is thankfully over for the day and [ profile] secret_hippie is fixing up King Crab legs, and potatoes and corn and salad. The best birthdays are the one's with lots of good food. This one is ranking right up there with 29 and 28.

Edited to Add: and the Birthday Lambic, I forgot all about it. Yay!
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I would really like some soup. One with big chunks of chicken or beef or perhaps a potato soup with sausage or bacon. Mostly thanks to the weather which seems intent on it's foolish attempt to convince Spokane that it is Portland or Seattle.

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