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Where Are Your Eyes?

I've just been perusing my thoughts from last year and even the one before that. How did you ever get to be so big? A little piece of me is sad that I can no longer tuck you in the crook of my arm. This part of me is of course washed out and drowned when you tell me to "give you loves. And hug too. And kisses." You still reduce me to nothing but a burning hole in my chest and watery eyes that I have to blink through to type. This year you've become mobile. No longer confined to the small area could crawl to you've run and climbed into everything. We had to hide your binky's from you because you would stash them all over the house and pull them out when we took another one from you. We moved the spray bottle for the cats up high so you you wouldn't cahse them around the house telling them "naughty kitty!" I had to let you go far away without me and I hated it. Sure I was fine but I wasn't really happy until you and your mother got back.

You talk so much. You tell me about your day and what's happening around you. I am constantly surprised by the little details you pay attention to. Like when I tell you we are watching Good Eats and the first thing out of your mouth is "Where Good Eats guy?" becasue Alton Brown isn't onscreen. You are constantly asking about people you've met once in other cities, your Godfather, your Auntie (who lives in "Bookin") Things are insane this year, we are living in a sketchy hotel with a frifge next to the television and the couch next to the mini-range while we make our final preparations for the second biggest adventure your mother and I have ever had. And despite the distress of seeing your home emptied and packed up, your kitties crated and hauled around town you've handled it all with more grace and pluck than I have. I have, in fact, lost my shit on more than one occasion. But you are ready and not even two days in the tiny space that has become our temporary home you wander around it like that's the way it's always been. This next year is going to be the best yet. And I don't mean that in the true but cliche way that there is just going to be so much new and exciting things as you pass through the next year, but because I get to be there. Sure I'll have to work now and then but I will be home and I will get you all to myself in a brand new country that we can explore together and how cool is that?

I still love the way you dance and now it is bouncing arund in circles frenetically instead of a quiet little rythmic bob. I love that you told me your first joke and that road crossing chicken has never been funnier. The fact that you ask us to play Johnny Cash gives me hope for the future. You love your books still and one of the hardest things about packing was picking the ones that had to stay behind. Neil Gaiman made the cut though and we will read the Lucy story many many times in the year to come. I will never tire of reading to you. My voice might give out but I will never stop loving it. Soon we will be Cotland and who knows what else the future will bring. Just so long as it leaves this catch in my breath when you squeeze me I know all that is coming will be good.

your Da

P.S. This one is a little early because we have a busy busy weekend ahead and writing it now means daddy can sleep later. Daddy likes sleep, at least from what he can remember he does...
Nanna's Dress
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I had almost entirely forgotten about this! Yay!

EDIT: This YouTube version recorded from television might be easier to watch...
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1. [ profile] secret_hippie made her official statement apparently it was a secret before. Oops. There are still a lot of things that need to come together for it to happen but that leap off the cliff has been made. Or maybe we're just running towards it at this point, I dunno.

2. Saw [ profile] squid_pro_qou last weekend when he played at CSz with me. It was good times and we even drank some beer at the bar afterwards. Like grown ups or something. (And now after Dec. 8 here in Wash. if we do it we won't come home reeking of cigarette smoke!)

3. I've been uncharacteristically positive lately. Just happy. It's weird but true. Some part of me wants to say it's inexplicable but the truth is that it is very splicable: I decided that things were going to be Awesome and they pretty much have been. Sure I have my off days but most days are spent on the side of [ profile] mountawesome.

4. My parents sent [ profile] secret_hippie and I to the Lion King last night. I liked a lot about it actually. I loved hearing the kids reaction to the puppets and costumes (especially the opening number) but oddly enough the adult reaction irritated me. While the kids were all "Wow! Cool!" or "Elephants!" Adults near me were "Look puppets! Frank those are puppets!" Yes lady they are puppets, they certainly did not bring in a real elephant into the theater, especially one that has a semi-transparent body, now stop pulling me back from my childlike delight already. As spectacle it was fantastic, as theater it was disappointing since what I disliked about the film was magnified: the "Can't Wait to be King" number and the meerkat and warthog which both seemed out of place in the movie were even more out of place in the stage production. Where the rest of the show had actors dressed up in beautiful abstract representative costumes, both Timon/Pumba and the musical number stuck out from the production like tacked on Disney touches rather than fully incorporated ideas/characters. We also went out for shwanky appetizers and drinks before hand (firecracker salmon rolls, coconut-macadamia nut crust prawns and teriyaki steak strips followed up with super rich chocolate cake in a bed of raspberry syrup covered in an Amaretto cream sauce).

5. Got to sort of sleep in today because there is no school. I can't wait to go back to 8 am alarm again.

Anyway good times. School has got me busy as I head into the final stretch and work has got me busier as they try to transition me into my new position without yet hiring the new calendar editor. There are 12 applicants so I hopefully they new guy should start soon.
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I am back.

Denver was fantastic. The run down to come later...
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Also: curse you Joss Whedon!
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OK so here is what people who read this should know about the smith family denver visit™:

Sat. afternoon we're are meeting Lyss for coffee and then going to dinner, morning is free still though.

Sun. Sooper Entity PArty Powers Activate! 'Nuff said.

Mon. Zoo probably? followed by dinner with [ profile] bryree who will have just gotten back. Kate is tentatively our driver as thom is a work-a-holicbrand new lawyer person and Karen is in skool.

Tues. Sara and Rona leave for OK

Thurs. I go to OK.

Stuff to cross off:
[ profile] bryree what are our dinner plans?
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I think this is the best thing I have *ever* drawn, at least when it comes to people. Also very unlike me as it is huge (well, relatively) at 18x24 inches. When I can I'll bring stuff home from the figure study class and post them here.

[ profile] stowellian guessed it here is the orginal painting, I'd guess the professor's memory of it is a little off. She got in tone though.

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We had so much crab yesterday we couldn't eat it all so today [ profile] secret_hippie made these yummy crab cakes!

I have decided to call them Mostly Crab Cakes because unlike ones I get in restaurants these are made of mostly crab. )
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A really easy, easy weekend. Performed on Friday and despite a slow start I had an excellent second half. I've been personally unhappy with performances lately so its nice to know I am cycling around. Tetrified 4th Dimension indeed.

Saturday we got up early as is Rona's want (or is it wont?) and eventually made our way to the Fair to wander around and eat funnel cake. We also discovered that Rona likes barbecued beef sandwiches. While the food is not readily apparent this her during her meal:
I am working to post more pictures of her more often for your heart melting convenience )

The poor thing has been teething and had a cold at the same time and she's all hoarse from the stuffed up nose and wheezing. Saturday night we watched some of our television (although we watch it slower now that we are at the end of the season and will have to wait until January for more) and the new Disney dub of Nausicaa (two thumbs up.) Sunday was yet more of doing nothing. Some house cleaning and a late lunch at Rock City (chicken quesadilla, Texas Egg Rolls and sauceless pizza with tomatoes, pepperoni, and cheese, cheese and cheese. Celebrated mine, my da's and our aunt Jan's birthday with barbecued chicken, ribs, spinach salad and potatoes and "tropical cheesecake."

Work is thankfully over for the day and [ profile] secret_hippie is fixing up King Crab legs, and potatoes and corn and salad. The best birthdays are the one's with lots of good food. This one is ranking right up there with 29 and 28.

Edited to Add: and the Birthday Lambic, I forgot all about it. Yay!
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It is less than a month now until we'll be in Denver. We are looking forward to good times and good news, with good friends (you can't lose. This could become a habit).
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Thank you for all your happy birthday wishes. We had a really great time. Food was eaten, presents opened but best of all our family was gathered around with us (well most of them anyway). We screened the rough cut of Rona Season One which is sixteen and a half minutes of hopeless sentimentalism centered on Rona. With a soundtrack. [ profile] derbiser has graciously provided space in (on?) her .mac account to temporarily host the nearly four minute movie that serves as the main menu animation for the DVD. The song is Superman by Lazlo Bane (and if you don't know is the theme to Scrubs in its shortened form). When Sara was pregnant with Rona she couldn't get it out of her head.

I should warn any of you that mist up easily: just grab some tissue as I have already been accused of wetting eyes (again). Sorry 'bout that.

Ready? OK, here it is. Feel free to save it to your hard drive and redistribute it as you like.
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Well you've been with us a year now and there are no signs that you'll be cancelled. I don't think I quite realized how emotional I'd get today. It's just a birthday I thought. I've had tons of them. But this is your first. And I get to share it with you. I can't hardly stand it.

A year ago this very second we were tired and somewhat frustrated. We were starting day five in the hospital and I know your mother was beginning to believe that not only were you never going to come out but that she would never be allowed to leave the hospital. But that evening the surgeon came and made the decision that you were coming. I cannot begin to describe the feeling looking over the partition as your head emerged (get used to me saying things like that, mostly it's a swelling elation that builds up so quick in your chest your eyes water—I guess I can begin to describe it, but it's hard to finish when the keyboard gets all blurry).

Eventually the hospital did let us go (and after seeing the bill thank god for being double insured, being poor is good for something—even though I would have paid 100 times as much or more). We had our very own little girl. Sure you couldn't feed the cats or do the dishes but we knew that eventually you'd make our lives easier, like a fancy automatic clothes washer or indentured servant. You charmed every one you met, visitors to the house, Tracy our waitress at Dolly's (who met you when you just seven days old: we had to get out of the house). You'd started getting pretty frustrated pretty quick because you couldn't exert much control over the world around and worked hard at learning to crawl.

Like a good Irish girl we couldn't shove oatmeal down you fast enough. You love potatoes and corned beef already. Your Momma still won't let me let you taste Guinness until you are ten. We cannot keep up when you are eating blueberries but for some reason you never liked carrots and we have to intersperse them with other better liked foods to get you to eat them. If you had a choice on your mode of eating you'd do it in bed, crawling back and forth between your mother and I to get bites of whatever you want off our plates from room service.

I love it when you dance: in your high chair, or standing in the middle of the living room. I love taking you to see new things. I like that you'll hand me a book and ask "please?" I loved watching you ride the train. I'd say that I can't imagine what the next year will be like but while details are sketchy I am pretty sure that chunks of it will be blurry because of how happy you make me.

your Da

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On the train. )

Lunch and Attack of the Red Hats. )

The Zoo! )

Barbecue! )

Hipster Breakfast. )

Union Station Has Beautiful Lighting. )

Too many huge cuts? Here is is Princess Bride Style:

"Lemme 'splain. (pause.) No there is too much lemme sum up: we had a fantastic time visiting and were very sorry we had to leave.
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A picnic by the river, a brilliant sunset, and a cuddle with one's daughter while watching absurdist weed theater.

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