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I keep being torn while generating ideas for these between attempting an illustration that is more detailed and complex or playing it safe and doing my best to keep it simple since Illustrator is still mostly a mystery for me. This week the decision was easy. Rona is sick, sick, sick. Poor thing had a temperature or 103˚ this morning. So while attempting to explore some of Illustrators tools I still went very basic. Because I have a feeling that the rest of today and maybe even tomorrow will be spent either with the monkey™ or trying to nap. The cat is based off one Rona drew while we were coloring yesterday. Two years old and she managed to draw a body, ears and a tail!

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Also the man who hires freelance photographers and writers here in Abderdeen (I suppose he is not the man but he is the one I have an in with so we'll go with it OK?) should be getting back to me this week. So everyone cross their fingers, toes, tentacles or other lucky appendages for me.
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Illustration Friday madness! [ profile] mrsbrewer I will (before tonight is through) send you a pdf of this file along with some print instructions for your printing pleasure.

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It's good practice to make art just for the fun of it so I will be participating in Illustration Fridays from now on. This weeks theme was "wind." Here is my submission a la Illustrator:

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They'll be archived and hosted over at acid tongue (which by the way is officially re-launched now that it is rebuilt) in the Illustration gallery.

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