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So a week ago I found out, no more job for me, so I'm job hunting (Again). My most hated and most soul crushing task. I've got at least one good lead and I am hoping it comes through because we've hit a point where I need a more significant income and since my former employer was also my most consistent source of freelance work I'm kind of hosed. Mostly right now I just want to be able to spend time with my family at home (i.e. not work nights at Pottery Barn), pay our bills and have that extra time for my two hobbies (aikido and photography). So wish me (us) luck...

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Woo! Also this is as good a time as any to announce I have access to a small photo studio and lights at my new gig at Vivo Publishing. I have keys and everything. I start 3 January!

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So my Mircosoft gig is done, it's for their edumacational site And is here (I am hoping there will be a more permanent URL for it later). I'm a little confused on how it's presented, but I feel really good about the illustration work etc. I'd write more but I am just bloody knackered. But damn proud to be a professional illustrator.

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