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The accomplished list:
+ Saw U. High's Sweeney Todd (not enough blood or lechery but hey, it was high schoolers and they did a great job singing Sondheim though).
+ Got those door stopper things for the house: no more chipped paint!
+ Started painting the patched walls: it's like we live here!
+ Costco run.
+ Photo shoot.
+ Watched the first episode of V, it was... enh. I am–of course–more than willing to give it a couple of episodes before i write it off.
+ Loads of laundry™

The downside is that i still have plenty on my to-do list.

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I've been trying to carve out the time to post and failing miserably. Things I have done recently include:
  • attend the Joel Smith CD Release party,
  • saw the sisters off to NY,
  • spent money,
  • collected money,
  • panicked a bit about the future of the business as my bread and butter client tanked,
  • got a scooter that needs to be fixed
  • cleaned house but made no progress.

Things I haven't done which are starting to really annoy me:

  • attended aikido pretty much at all for the last 2.5 weeks,
  • drawn,
  • pulled out my guitar in a yet another attempt to actually use it,
  • weed,
  • clean the garage,
  • yes.

I'm mostly working extra so my trip down to Corvalis and Portland is on flex time I've built up at work but I am running up against the wall of exhaustion plus all the other little things that haven't been sorted properly but need to be before we leave. Love you internets and I hope you are all coping better than I!

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Things that are good:

1. I am this close to have a decent paying job (that would still allow me to shoot photos for money, is flexible and rewards and would allow for good thing number 2. (Moving party Memorial Day weekend!)

2. We bid on a house and they accepted our bid and assuming I can manage to get the job mentioned above we are golden.

3. Ponies.

4. I have a new thermostat, radiator and head gasket in my car.

5. We bought the extended bumper to bumper warranty on the thing: total cost to us: $150.

The bad:
1. My car only needed a new head gasket (which I told them when I dropped it off).

2. Colds: boo!

3. I cannot yet bend time and space to my will.

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Things that did not get done over the weekend:
  • fix the leaky (but apparently not so leaky) pipe in the bathroom
  • Learn how to use Audacity & my USB turntable to turn my vinyl into crunchy mp3s
  • finish processing the last of my models among trees pictures
  • sketch
  • adjust to falling back (how sad is that?)

Things I did not expect to get done (but that i did):
  • chat for a couple of hours with a long lost high school friend
  • finish the whole burger (that was a mistake)
  • finished reading Expendable which I enjoyed. Although I know I am still generally on edge by the amount of books I am just tearing through still (about 1 every day and a half or so although I thought I had slowed down).

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  • Finished ripping my cousin's wedding to my hard drive, produced a rough cut of the footage, burnt the DVD and the reclaimed the 10GB it took up
  • cleaned the fireplace
  • burnt the CD for my aunt
  • finished my last write up for the December/January issue of Spokane Metro
  • showered
  • art finished!

Um, not so finished:
  • finalize scientist tyler for [ profile] giantlaser
  • fighting with CSS

Huh. Now that I write it all down it's not so bad...
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Bad Things:
  • People Who Shall Remain Nameless
  • my morning side job
  • falling wrong

Good Things:
  • Aikido and 'getting it' for about 40 minutes (maybe it will even stick)
  • actual spring like weather
  • ponies
  • the imminent visitation of friends I haven't seen for almost two years
  • a hotel room in Portland
  • the fact that I get to break the news that [ profile] secret_hippie got her library gig because she hasn't posted it yet and it's been almost two whole weeks
  • delicious sandwiches
  • haircuts

I'd say this list is weighted properly: Hooray!

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So here are the things I have been doing (too much "stuff"):
  • tux fitting for Schwanky fundraiser
  • get bike trailer (what that actually fits in our car)
  • deposit Photography check I got 3 weeks ago
  • Work, Work, Work
  • photoshoot (what that I almost didn't go to because it snowed)
  • unpacking
  • trying to get the moving company to replace the griddle they broke
  • trying to catch up on phone calls (and failing
  • trying to reconnect to old clients so I can keep getting freelance work
  • Work
  • watching series 2 of Torchwood, also we started series 2 of Robin Hood
  • other (as I am prone to forgetfulness of late
  • not losing my afternoon temp job since my replacement was hired and supervisor asked me to stay but then "left" before my replacement even started.

Things that have yet to be done:
  • get griddle replaced by moving company
  • get bike for self
  • everything else.
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  • Moved in to the new place on Saturday
  • Checked out of storage on Sunday and started unpacking
  • Also wrapped up MS illustration work on Sunday
  • And attended the Mandatory LET'S GET EXCITED ABOUT CHRISTMAS WOOOOOOOOOO! meeting at the Barn™
  • Because the Monkey™ wasn't sleeping yet also watched Hot Fuzz (one word: hilarious)
  • Woke up too early (or not early enough, I can't tell anymore)
  • Morning photoshoot in the Saranac building's third floor toilets
  • Stopped by the flat to tell manager about potential leak above our bed (turns out it was a leak and we'll have a hole in our ceiling until Wednesday: good thing we aren't living there yet)
  • picked up bed rail for the Monkey™
  • ordered phone and internet service for the new place
  • consulted for new job people for 1 hour
  • worked the barn 5-9 p
  • Now: collapse–

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It's 3:15 am here and 11:15 am back home and–as tired as I am–apparently I am not tired enough. Eventually I'll get it sorted I suppose. Random ephemera:

  • I hadn't realized how much I missed the sound of crickets. Even now the chorus is singing outside my parents house.
  • I also can hear the freight trains as they pull through town, I never once heard that sound in the UK, despite it being nation of trains. It's kind of sad as I think about it since the blast of the diesel engine's horn is my most favorite sound.
  • Rona, who is coping fantastically (and did exceptional on the flight–and layovers–to Spokane), is still a little over stimulated and under rested, exclaimed to us yesterday in the car, "Why did we leave Aberdeen!" It breaks my heart and there was no answer Sara or I could give her
  • Grandma Stolte stole Rona's birthday (and our welcome back from the family shindig, we let her as we knew we'd be too tired organize it our selves) and since she doesn't do it for anybody else, "There are just to many people now, y'know?" she exclaims, Rona and I are not sharing our birthday. I am find this incredibly disappointing.
  • Scotland misses us so much that it sent high, high humidity with us. While the lightning and thunder were much appreciated, I am not sure that we could have dealt with the heat (85˚ F/29˚ C), or will deal with the heat and lower humidity (as I write it sits at about 67%).
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Still no end to the Pox Upon Our House: the girl has two last blisters that just refuse to pop. I'm feeling all sorts of things I haven't gotten done lately but here is a list of things that I have managed:

1. Watched the first two Pirates movies with Sara (she never saw the second).
2. Finished Hunters of Dune and realized that it was only half a book: irritating.
3. The octopus below.
4. Sold my dance pad on eBay.
5.Finished HPatDH and A polite spoiler cut, just in case. )

I quite enjoyed it, and now it's over: yay! Maybe some attention could be turned to other YA authors like Garth Nix.
6.Cleaned up my resume for a Spokane job that was pointed out to me.
7. N-n-n-no tomorrow!

Things I have to do still:
1. 8 more octopi! (Yay!)
2. Not panic about having no defined plan after say, 20 August. Well Keep not panicking anyway, I am actually doing okay on this one but I do keep having to remind myself.
3. Ship said dance pad once the buy picks a shipping address.
4. Punch a puppy, kick a kitten, some sort of alliterative violence.
5. Get the comic/illustration gig churned out by 15 August (because I am awesome enough to get the bid1).

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1. I have not actually been awarded the job yet.
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In my dream last night "the Catastrophenomonists warned of danger!" Thanks a lot brain.

[ profile] rethought joined us for dinner on Wednesday. Delicious potato soup was had along with the realization that our living room is tiny, as in miniscule. Major people hosting (i.e. more than 2 or 3 people) will have to be put off until warmer weather when we can spill out into the back yard. [ profile] slownewsday and [ profile] giantlaser, Christmas will be fun, really. Though Sara and I will be not-so-subtlely passive aggressive to each other until we retire to our bedroom to pretend no one can hear us scream at each other, you guys will be responsible for the various drinking disfunctionalities (we're out of practice what with the kiddo) and my sister can scream obscenities at all of us as she flees the house into the cold Scottish winter. Woo! (Also where did you guys find out about plantable Christmas trees?)

Rona is starting school with a couple of pre-visits next week and then for reals the following week on Tues., Wed., Thurs. from 1-5ish. As much as I might have complained that her naptime was not regular nor predictable to make it consistently usable work time I didn't want her to be going so soon (we though December was when they would have an opening for her). When we went yesterday for a little visit to make sure she might like it she declared from outside the door upon spying the little ones playing in the center's piazza, "Look, friends for me!" So as much as I might end up missing her it's for the best.

Also on the Rona front she looked up at me today and declared "Ring ring, banana phone."
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1. Last night I dreamt an entire episode of Stargate: SG-1 in which Neil Patrick Harris was killed by an IED in a cliffhanger ending.

b. Does anyone have any advice about VOIP services? It is getting to be time to start figuring that out since we'd like to port our home number over on Sept. 1. but are looking to have the primary number be Scottish. Vonage looks like it will best suit our needs but I feel like I saw some bad stuff regarding them lately.

III. Waking up at 5 am sucks.

four. I am enjoying the Adultswim EP chocolate swim but I am annoyed that the download every track in a .zip file apparently means we'll give you a 24 minute track rather than an archive containing all six tracks. WTF?

feeyive, beyoetch! Only three more HP books on CD to dump to iTunes.

six. July will be people coming to visit us month: Hooray!

Unlucky Seven. It is unlikely that I will acquire the funds needed for the DSLR by July 15 which means I will not get the $100 rebate. Sadness.
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1) Rona continues to expand her cuteness exponentially. She'll wander around the house sing-songing "dadoo!" Sara got a advent calendar and she gets all worked about it every night and insists on opening a new window.

2) [ profile] secret_hippie and I got to see [ profile] jeremyrichards on Saturday which was very enjoyable even If I spent a good half the time chasing her around the Empyrean.

3) I'm kind of sleepy. Thus a list. What with the upcoming move we started ripping all our CDs to the hard drive. We are up to the Glen Miller Orchestra and 12.21 GB of music. I will definitely be in the market for a new hard drive (or two so I can run a mirror) in the near future.

OK I guess I am finished. I thought there was more but that seems to be it.

Oh, I finally have a decent template for and will slowly be adding content in the coming weeks. Any feedback on the site would be welcome. I had forgotten how much I hate coding pages. Applications: yes. Web pages: not so much.

The template is here.

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