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Kawaii!!!!!!!! )
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This weekend was the kind of weekend I've been needing for a while. The house is cleaner, we got out and played games with cousin's Sabrina, Joe and Kendra and the FCB. In an unprecedented show of stamina we stayed out until nearly ten o'clock with the Monkey last night (so we could play one last game of Betrayal at House on the Hill). Today was dedicated to lollygagging and cleaning. We probably could have made more progress cleaning and such but it felt better not to.

This rough sketch is for my next illustration for the paper (assuming the article gets written).
Modern Love )

And Rona may very well end up as a professional 'gator wrassler, it's hard to say. )
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You may or may not havce been aware of this bat girl explosion in livejournal and the web. Suffice to say it has now invaded the meta sketchblog.

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New picture of Rona from the Fall Folk Festival that was at SCC.
She likes her some music )

And then I turned this in the last Tuesday.
Nekkid drawing! )
Suffice to say that day was a strange one in the figure drawing class. I have some collage pieces from that same day but I haven't tried to photograph them yet...

Homework abounds!
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So I added the last of the texture to the drawing and it didn't end up all fuckered up:

Death of Marat, now with more charcoal. )

There are some photos in my photostream from Denver. I didn't take anywhere near enough pictures. The one I'll inflict upon you is The monkey suit! )

Also Wally presents The Lyin' King has a keyboardist! Yay! This weekend will be all about figuring out roles and cast size so I can beg peoples to participate and actually know when to stop.
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I think this is the best thing I have *ever* drawn, at least when it comes to people. Also very unlike me as it is huge (well, relatively) at 18x24 inches. When I can I'll bring stuff home from the figure study class and post them here.

[ profile] stowellian guessed it here is the orginal painting, I'd guess the professor's memory of it is a little off. She got in tone though.

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Demonology. )
This one has been riding around in the camera since Portland.

[ profile] derbiser call me this morning/today, I'd like to talk to you about hosting a short movie for a little while.
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Body Graphitti! )

Train station boredom plus pen equals art!
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Sketchy lookin' )
So I was watching Fooly Cooly while sketchin.' What of it?
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Pilot Mouse! )
So, more flying mice. It's a theme I guess.

Today was long. The Inlander's cover story next week is A Day in the Life. Basically we visited a place an hour for twenty-four hours (or will have by tomorrow morning anyway). Friday is usually my day off to run errands and such but I had to cram them in around visiting a tattoo shop, Minnehaha (a local climbing spot) and Savage Land (a local Chuck E. Cheese's type place that has much better pizza--and light up, vibrating lobsters). I had a meeting with my investment counselor and a haircut shoved in there along with sundry boring day to day stuff: almost running out of gas, dropping off sock monkey exchange monkeys (his name is Mungo) etc.

The last bits though (Savage Land) was fun even if my knees will make me pay for it you see, Kaili made me play in the tunnels. ) Actually I kind of figured we would after all I am a journalistfreak at heart. Now to make with the guitar practicing and milkshake digesting.
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Sure the teleporter test run wasn't perfect--but I gots me a sammich. )
Remember internets, always test your transporter on a hobo first...
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Flying Mice )

I was missing the inks. which is why...we tattooed Rona. )
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Graphitti. )

So I was at the really boring job today.
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I couldn't really explain. )
Somewhat of a continuation of yesterday. Or was just the IM conversation I was having with [ profile] derbiser? Anywho: the Return of Inks™
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Put the mouse in mah tank! Put the mouse in mah tank! )

Lobstar: what happens when I am made to rap.
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Elvisaur! )

My friend Mary created Elvisaur Saturday night at the CSz show.

Also: Rona has the best laugh in the world.
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Who are the Triple Action Man Clan?

And what do they have planned for Colorado Springs?

Find out, true believers, in this issue of Panic Comics!

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