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Kind of rushed today: car shopping so I can get to work and shoots etc. without any sort of spacio-temporal gymnastics. I also had this rush octopus order. Woo! Wish us luck today.

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Very stiff this morning. It's almost like I was doing something physical yesterday... Scotland in two days!

Also: two new octopi.

Holding Court, originally uploaded by toosuto.
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Another octopus (well squid). That's Seven in One Envelope. Also, [ profile] kisken/[ profile] goobermunch: did I leave my lens cap behind in Denver?
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Which is to say there's another new octopus.
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I am an octopus makin' machine! Also, I love my fancy new brush pen.
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I've got two new octopi and they (like all future octopi) will be posted in the blogger blog I set up to be attached to I'll probably always announce new content here but you could always fire up your feed readers if you wanted too. Also octopi are back up for sale!
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Only five people will get this joke. And I'm not really one of them. This will be the last octopus from Scotland. They will resume once we are settled in Spokane.

QL430.3.O2, originally uploaded by toosuto.
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I've temporarily suspended octopus orders until we finish the big move, I've got one more that I'll be wrapping up before we flee the country so you've got some time to save your nickels and dimes for your own cephalofriend!

Atticus Squid, originally uploaded by toosuto.
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I am averaging a Disney reference a month. Hope I don't get all litigated...

The Octocats, originally uploaded by toosuto.
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Nothing new since this morning: still super tired.

Get your own octopus friend:!

Goblin Girl Octopus, originally uploaded by toosuto.
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Still no end to the Pox Upon Our House: the girl has two last blisters that just refuse to pop. I'm feeling all sorts of things I haven't gotten done lately but here is a list of things that I have managed:

1. Watched the first two Pirates movies with Sara (she never saw the second).
2. Finished Hunters of Dune and realized that it was only half a book: irritating.
3. The octopus below.
4. Sold my dance pad on eBay.
5.Finished HPatDH and A polite spoiler cut, just in case. )

I quite enjoyed it, and now it's over: yay! Maybe some attention could be turned to other YA authors like Garth Nix.
6.Cleaned up my resume for a Spokane job that was pointed out to me.
7. N-n-n-no tomorrow!

Things I have to do still:
1. 8 more octopi! (Yay!)
2. Not panic about having no defined plan after say, 20 August. Well Keep not panicking anyway, I am actually doing okay on this one but I do keep having to remind myself.
3. Ship said dance pad once the buy picks a shipping address.
4. Punch a puppy, kick a kitten, some sort of alliterative violence.
5. Get the comic/illustration gig churned out by 15 August (because I am awesome enough to get the bid1).

Captain Jack Octopus, originally uploaded by toosuto.

1. I have not actually been awarded the job yet.
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This one was particularly fun. I really like the octopus with the cork in his ears for some reason.

Get your own octopus friend:!

Odysseopus, originally uploaded by toosuto.

Edit: Thanks you guys!
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Because my family can't resist a pun.

Octo-pie, originally uploaded by toosuto.
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New octopus! And I've figured out what to do with other people's octopus-themed characters when they are requested: octo-costumes!

That (Copywritten) Sea Witch, originally uploaded by toosuto.
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Rona has been loving the octopi and requested one of her own. How could I say no?

Oscar (A Pink Octopus), originally uploaded by toosuto.

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