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I'm still missing Scotland, plus I haven't really taken many personal photos lately so you get a two year old photo of Castlegate. Been reading lots (it's the tension doncha know) and I heartily recommend Mortal Engines as well as Airborne and Skybreaker which were brilliant. Spent some me time in the darkroom at Prep which was nice and I feel like I've got my feet underneath me a little bit more anyway. Ran a one hour improv workshop this morning which was more fun than it had any right to be and went on a fall colors photoroll that ended up being more about the models that came since hardly any trees have turned yet (nor have either of my burning bushes in the front yard). Realized that yet again I have chosen a field in which who you know is much more important than what you know. I know I am a little slow sometimes and should have known it from the start. On the other hand I know a lot of talented awesome people who may need my photographic services, you just don't know it yet: So if you even twitch in the direction of a photographer remember that I exist, NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE. I need to get my work international because, it is possible and I deserve it. Anyway, hi internets, how are you?

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A quiet weekend really, despite things ramping up for the holidays and the extra excitement of The News™. Friday night I took [ profile] secret_hippie out to dinner to celebrate and we saw the latest Harry Potter (where we ran into [ profile] rrrosa and [ profile] blue_hydra_inn) over all better than the first two but not as dark as the third (although I suppose the end would be a little intense for the younger set). Saturday we lazed around and watched the last third of the Triangle from the SciFi channel (hooray for Eric Stoltz!) and then eventually went on our traditional Christmas tree hunt and drink with Sara's Mom and Tim. And then we had the traditional Josh—swears—at—the—tree—because—he—can't—get—it—to—stand—up—straight followed immediately by the more than annual Sara—calmly—fixes-It. Then we had orange chicken, potstickers and watched Shaolin Soccer which was awesome.

Today: minor christmas shopping, a D.I. design meeting (with beer) and working on Thank yous from Rona's birthday and some Christmas cards, grocery shopping and then some delicious hobo dinner. Maybe I'll even squeeze in some time for a honest to goodness meta sketchblog.
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The bags are getting packed and sundry other trip prep stuff. We board the train at like 3 am tomorrow morning but by 10 am we should be in Portland. We will all be happy to get the hell out of dodge for a few days.
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We went to the park this evening (something we'll be doing a lot more of now that the weather is nice) and Rona discovered the joys of swinging.

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