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I'm headed to the library on Thursday and I am looking for a recommended reading list to take with me. The tiny branch Library near our home is now picked over and it's meager sci-fi offerings have been consumed. What do you think I should read (for enjoyment) I am hoping to get decent suggestions outside of the sci-fi/fantasy realm as that is the only section I have the patience to browse for reading myself and I am feeling the need to read something more... well something else anyway. Short fiction, non-fiction, historical fiction or even something sociomalogical if it is entertainingly written.
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Is it another triumph for user created content?

I doubt it. )

Make your own damn Cat and Girl comic if your so damn funny.
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There are a couple of blogs that I read simply because I like reading about other peoples kids. Mimi Smartypants has a precocious and adorable daughter she adopted from China, Heather Armstrong has a two year old and is crazy the only good way a person can be when they live in Utah and Matthew Baldwin has a two year old of his own and a fantastic wit (plus the love of boardgames doesn't hurt either).

Man I wish I had thought of it first. Ah well.
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So if you get bored today (or later this week) you can read the Inlander's Day in the Life. I thought it turned out nice (although it's better with pictures). I wrote the noon, 3 o'clock and 6 o'clock hours.
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So a long long time ago I told [ profile] slownewsday that I would forward the URLs I visit regularly. A second later I had an even better idea and said I would post them to my LJ. This then is that long delayed post. Or at least part of it. I am sitting on a lot of links here.

Today will be links from my general category of Web Comics (whatever that means).

Let's get right to it. )

Sweet jesus Handrea really hurts. We'll stop for today.

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