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Couldn't sleep teens would eat me! Yay for the end of performance anxiety!

Wish me luck...
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We are so very close! Two days and we'll well into our relaxation period. And then we can properly start catching up with folk in Spokane too...

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Had a really good meeting with the editor of Inland NW Homes & Lifestyles magazine today. They pay the best freelance rate so far ($200 + a $900 ad in trade). So I hope I'm able to do work for them in the future.Today has been pretty productive (ran to the bank, picked up prints, dropped of mail and Hunters of Dune back at the library). If anyone would like to sponsor Rona in her school's Read-a-Thon drop me an email with your physical address and phone. A voluntary donation will get you a personalized Rona note and a reminder to give her school some money as well as a report on how many minutes she's read/been read to in the month of October. [ profile] secret_hippie's dissertation is looking good and I'll be reading another draft this evening. Only two more days, and then one more day after that!

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So my final project has been made available online (if any of you are interested) here is a link to the class roster for comparing and contrasting fun.
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Realized today that I actually found what I want to be when I grow up. And even though I am old and getting a late start it doesn't even phase me. It's weird, I'm even more excited than I am/ever was about directing. and I can't even conceive that it won't work out!

[ profile] slownewsday, I am reworking some that first page I sent to you. It'll be slow because school will kill me this quarter but I will have some concept art for you relatively soon. Our dead-ish project shall be resurrected. it shall LIVE I say!

Look for a announcement this weekend for my new venue for art!

Also I share with you the cute: they are hedgehogs but I'm not picky.
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I think this is the best thing I have *ever* drawn, at least when it comes to people. Also very unlike me as it is huge (well, relatively) at 18x24 inches. When I can I'll bring stuff home from the figure study class and post them here.

[ profile] stowellian guessed it here is the orginal painting, I'd guess the professor's memory of it is a little off. She got in tone though.

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9:10 AM -- Since when is it up to students to decide if a class's schedule is convenient for them? I'm really: WTF, you're all grown-ups, if you can't figure out how to put together a schedule that doesn't conflict with itself WHY IS THAT MY PROBLEM?

They keep changing my perfectly put together schedule because moronic students couldn't put together a class schedule they could attend without bilocation.

*feh* enough of this feel good hippy-ism, I've got to get to work.

9:40 AM -- oh please show me the quarter syllabus *again* I'm not totally bored with that yet.


9:58 AM -- *sigh*
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Graphic Design 102 8-9:30 am
Work 9:45 am-5 pm
Graphic Design 101 8-9:30 am
Work 9:45 am-12:45 pm
Graphic Design 109 (History of Graphic Design) 1-3 pm
Work 3:15-5 pm
Art 102 (Figure Drawing) 6-10 pm
Graphic Design 102 8-9:30 am
Work 9:45 am-5 pm
Guitar Lesson 6:45-7:30 pm
Graphic Design 101 8-9:30 am
Graphic Design 104 10-11 am
Graphic Design 109 (History of Graphic Design) 1-3 pm
Work 3:15-5 pm
Graphic Design 103 8-9 am
Work 9:15 am-5 pm

Now you'll know.

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