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We are down to two last blisters for Rona's pox: they are both painfully large, one in on the inside edge of one of her fingers and the other in between her toes. She is doing remarkably well. Sara had a good time at the HP release and I had sushi at Yatai the following Saturday: it's hard to beat good raw tuna. Saturday night I went downtown to catch AKA Ska. Sunday: GURPS. Sleeping has been poor since Friday night as we've been up reading (I am almost finished with Hunters of Dune and Sara, of course, HPatDH. And then aikido (I am feeling a bit wrenched around this morning, I'm not sure if I did when I rolled wrong or if it was due to one of my partners making up for a lack of confidence in his technique with speed). I'm one step closer to selling octopi to strangers as now I have my first order from a friend of friend whom I have never met: yay!

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I was going to see HP:TOotP today but instead I'll help compile work history information for Sara's job applications since we'll be staying home with the monkey™ and her pox of the chickens. Ah well. I am still, a year and half (two years?) later, excited about Spore which is why I will link you to Will Wright's talk at TED. I will have a lot of fun with this new toy*. Sushi this weekend and still going out-ness (I think) but less of it as a group with the rest of my family, sad sauce.

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* When it is released onto a platform/system I actually own, the downside of owning a Mac I suppose.
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The nursery called us yesterday afternoon because Rona was complaining she "didn't feel good" (her new catch phrase for when she's upset and not getting her way) and had developed a spotty rash all over her body and could we please come pick her up. This of course not on a day where Sara is in class and I am at home a mere 5 minutes away but when Sara and I sneak away downtown to have some lunch and unfortunately deal with the bank and errands. Our first "date" since sometime in July. Oh well. The Dr. tells us (the health center is across the street from the nursery) it could be a reaction to a respiratory virus due to a immature immune system or the chicken pox. So we are home again today with the spots which have done absolutely nothing. Not faded, not gotten any thicker and certainly haven't bothered to begin to blister. Is it too much to ask for some closure?

To add insult to injury our television crapped out this morning. Feh. This week can go to hell.

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