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So: still exist and trying to be better about posting. The job is hard, Tuesday I am expecting to need a Drink: good times. Sara and Rona are away (but I am coping and even eating right and going to bed at reasonable times).

On the other hand, the photography show for August is moving forward (thank you to all that pre-bought) and I am taking processed files to the printer tomorrow. I'll also be heading to Michael's for frames and mats this week. I also should have passed my 6th kyu test this last weekend (I'll find out when Sensei comes back from the lake later this week).

On the weird hand they are going to "reboot" Buffy? For a film? Because Joss et. all is not involved? Because that will go well considering the man rebooting it is the one who delivered the lackluster first film (don't et me wrong I liked it but the show was in every way so much better).

On the travel hand we'll be down Portland way the second to last weekend in August to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins and get Rona's big girl bed and worship at the altar of Ikea.

On the ending hand:

S'mores (The Aftermath)
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Barely two days and I am halfway to having the funds to hang my little show in August: huzzah! Thank you Trampas and Rob! The weekend was crazy busy but fun: my god parents flew up from their little airplane community in Oregon (their garage fits their plane), Saturday we attended the Wholesome America Block Party with Sara's mom as well as Rona's friend Stella and her parents. Afterward we retired to our house to to drink Lemoncello (well, Greg and I did anyway) and then tearfully part the girls (at this moment there isn't any other way). Sunday was brunch with the godparents followed by replacing the broken ass DVD player (again) and then barbecue with the godparents at our own house (plus we taught them to play Phase Ten). Followed by the Very Hot Night of Very Still Air Even After the Storm and Rain Moved Through. What the hell is with this weather?
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So what has been happening? Not much. Everything. That's how it generally goes isn't it? I started a new full time job nearly two months ago and everything since then is adjusting. I've finally mostly gotten used to having a 40 hour a week commitment on top of photography and aikido but I think I am there. The downside (there's always a downside) is that I haven't had a lot of time for "me" projects other than time to conceptualize. Or just enough time to be in awe of stuff along the vein I'd like to do Warning: pin-ups!

But on the other hand [ profile] secret_hippie and I have been talking a lot about how to return to Scotland. We think we have a handle on it for the most part. In the meantime we are working on making our life here what we want of it as well. We are well settled into the new house. We are set to entertain and I love having a living room with now television and giant dining room table for games.

There isn't a whole lot else going on except this last item and plea. I've been invited to put together a small photo show at the local Mac retailer here in Spokane. The down side is that I'll need to come up with $400 to get the art printed and framed. So I am offering this deal: If you'd like to sponsor a print please leave me a message here or email me. Every donation will get you a personal thank you art piece and donations of $100 will get you one of the prints from the show after it is over (the show will hang for the month of August) shipped to where ever you'd like. If anyone is interested the short list of photos for the show is here. Feel free to contribute to the selection of prints with your votes and opinions. Act fast though as I've got about a week to commit to the show or not and I thank you in advance!

Let Them Eat Cake
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Would anyone like an awful lot of milk crates? I've got quite a few, certainly enough for significant shelfage if you've got the boards...
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Let's see, the new site it is up, business cards are ordered. The car is starting to be packed. Tomorrow I roll my newest tiny IRA into the old IRA plus I will have my metting to finish nailing down some regular commercial work. I need to write a 300 word food review for a fantastic little Indian Buffet downtown ($7.99 for good curry & dal and obscenely cheerful help!) Friday I get my hair cleaned up before the wedding and then we have the rehearsal and dinner. We will hopefully get a peek inside our potential house by Saturday too. Then Wedding bells and more food, then the drivinating.
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Let's see. I finished up illustration work. The fact that I don't have a new contract for the work I've nearly finished makes me a little grumpy, thankfully I know I will get paid and the rate should be at least closer to a real rate than before, if not actually a real rate. I did some commercial work yesterday that went relatively smoothly. Shot a model for a salon ad, it was good times. Good things about the shoot are the lack of 50% discount on my labor (yay) and the fact that they are pretty happy with what I handed over. I wish my soft box hadn't self-destructed as I was putting it together but it should be more than fixable and really: what should I expect from knock-off products from China. As long as the lights hold out I'll be happy. I have a meeting next week to go over the future of this endeavor.

I got a new optical prescription today and I am looking forward to seeing properly by next week, plus: new glasses! My cousin's stag night is on Saturday, the wedding next Saturday and then on Sunday we are on our way to Denver/Utah.

Other random things: Rona still misses: Othello, Great-Grandpa Jim and Aberdeen. She has also declared she is moving to London so she can be the big sister for Pascale. Also she finished her Pike level swimming classes and has been recommended to take eal [sic] next: go Rona!

What else is awesome about the world? Look Around You!
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Bad Things:
  • People Who Shall Remain Nameless
  • my morning side job
  • falling wrong

Good Things:
  • Aikido and 'getting it' for about 40 minutes (maybe it will even stick)
  • actual spring like weather
  • ponies
  • the imminent visitation of friends I haven't seen for almost two years
  • a hotel room in Portland
  • the fact that I get to break the news that [ profile] secret_hippie got her library gig because she hasn't posted it yet and it's been almost two whole weeks
  • delicious sandwiches
  • haircuts

I'd say this list is weighted properly: Hooray!

So Wierd, originally uploaded by toosuto.
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So here are the things I have been doing (too much "stuff"):
  • tux fitting for Schwanky fundraiser
  • get bike trailer (what that actually fits in our car)
  • deposit Photography check I got 3 weeks ago
  • Work, Work, Work
  • photoshoot (what that I almost didn't go to because it snowed)
  • unpacking
  • trying to get the moving company to replace the griddle they broke
  • trying to catch up on phone calls (and failing
  • trying to reconnect to old clients so I can keep getting freelance work
  • Work
  • watching series 2 of Torchwood, also we started series 2 of Robin Hood
  • other (as I am prone to forgetfulness of late
  • not losing my afternoon temp job since my replacement was hired and supervisor asked me to stay but then "left" before my replacement even started.

Things that have yet to be done:
  • get griddle replaced by moving company
  • get bike for self
  • everything else.
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Let's start with the leak: Sometime Thursday afternoon a sprinkler pipe in the third floor apartment above us broke. I finally got a call around 3:45 pm but being in the Library I missed it. I got a worrisome message from our apartment manager, "It's really important to call me back as soon as you get this message, something has happened." Because that's not panic inducing. When we did get back everyone kept apologizing like they'd gone in and personally hacked open the pipe. Our bedroom and bathroom were soaked as was the south half of the living room and Rona's room to some extent. It could have been a lot worse: our upstairs neighbor came home from work to water gushing from a hole in the siding (spraying water and insulation all over another neighbor's truck). We lost a road atlas, a long box (but not the comics stored in it thankfully), and all the feet on our bedside table split. There are also minor water stains on the bottom of our IKEA shelves/tv stand thingy. Oh and the world's comfiest futon is a loss since it was being kept on the floor in our closet. We stayed at my parents house that night.

Friday at 8 am 3 of the emergency carpenters, the building maintenance man and a few people from Manpower started moving all of our stuff from out ground floor flat to the third floor just up the hill. In about 4 hours everything up stairs and by 6 pm Sara and I thought we knew where everything was approximately so we bailed and had curry with my parents. So now we are living out of boxes until they fix the old place so we can move back down. Hopefully it will be soon. Until then we'll just keep hoping that the open network nearby remains so otherwise we won't have the internet until we move back down either.
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While the new jobs are great they aren't so bad either. My work studies in the morning are mostly competent (some are lacking a little training but that's not their fault) and pretty funny. It'll be nice to get them on their feet and actually doing stuff in the office because the woman before couldn't be bothered to train or trust them. The afternoons are relaxing (even if I'd really like to browse the interwebs) I'm getting a fair amount of reading done and I found the needed third person to play D&D eventually.

Saw Clolverfield twice this weekend (once with Sara and then on Sunday with friend Mike). Spoilers? )

I'm mailing off bought prints this week (yay! someone who is not my family wants some art of mine) and MS project is going pretty smoothly. Even better I don't even feel like I am shouting fire in a crowded theater. That's mostly because I think safety messages should be "Don't be stupid" rather than "If you make one mistake on the interwebs someone will steal your identity, drain your bank accounts, stalk you and kidnap your children." I mean really people, let's all just be cool ok?

Oh also: the first episode of Torchwood series two had it's moments but the show is still feeling a little uneven to me like it can't decide what it wants to be. Hopefully there will be a stronger over all series arc this time. Although we're not likely to stop watching anytime soon though...
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A walk through of a potential house (on west Boone). Open house at Vivo Publishing. A dentist visit. Some phone calls. A bit of paperwork. And we've already scratched off some phone calls and a veterinary visit (Thistle is in excellent health) off the list already.

Untitled, originally uploaded by toosuto.

P.S. super awesome chat awesomeness for Adium users (the Macintosh user's answer to Trillian).
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Life has seen so overwhelmingly normal that it seems like there hasn't been too much to say really. [ profile] secret_hippie has settled quite well into school and while parts of it seem challenging it is more a function of the professor or specific subject (who wants to learn to speak and think like middle management?) rather than of grad school itself.

Groceries get delivered which is nice, because now we only have to haul stuff up the hill if we forgot to buy it ahead of time or need something specific for dinner. The weather is mostly what you'd expect: overcast, and rain, rain, rain. Except for the days when it isn't. Those days are mild with piercing blues skies and wisps of clouds that remind me of summer.

I am settling into being a stay at home dad. It is a bigger adjustment than I had really thought about, but I am liking it just fine. We read, we play with her puzzles and generally have a good time. I manage to get some work done while she naps or during the morning or afternoon when Sar isn't in class. Sometimes I wish I could just run out and shoot but despite having limited chances at photography of the town I am still discovering new things to shoot.


Absentee ballots arrived here and I've voted. I was relieved to see that at least my excuse for less evil than the other makes a slightly better than average shill and voted against this habeas corpus nonsense. No if only the DDR mat or the box with the rest of Rona's toys could finish making their way through the labyrinthine mail system. Somewhere we should have info to find out their location but we haven't tried looking yet. Perhaps we are afraid of what we'll find.

Today is d&d day and [ profile] neepheid and [ profile] percible will be picking me up this afternoon to drive all the way out to Kemnay where we play. If I am lucky my thief won't die this afternoon. He's not to bright really. And when did 17 miles get to be a long way to go? When our parents visit I think we may rent a car so we can see more of Aberdeenshire and the Highlands than just downtown.

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