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So I added the last of the texture to the drawing and it didn't end up all fuckered up:

Death of Marat, now with more charcoal. )

There are some photos in my photostream from Denver. I didn't take anywhere near enough pictures. The one I'll inflict upon you is The monkey suit! )

Also Wally presents The Lyin' King has a keyboardist! Yay! This weekend will be all about figuring out roles and cast size so I can beg peoples to participate and actually know when to stop.
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I am back.

Denver was fantastic. The run down to come later...
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So we leave this afternoon for Denver: huzzah!

Also finally got a qwest tech. representative to push the correct username and password back to my modem. It makes me want a newer one so I can just back it up and re-input it myself instead of waiting on hold for half an hour and then running through 45 minutes of scripted power cycling etc. When I can look at the modem and see that I am simply not connected to the internet and just tell me why and when I can expect to get it back you bastards. And when I tell you the modem is fine, I'm just not getting an IP assigned to me from your network could you believe me? Once?

Anyway, there may be interenets in my next week or there may not. Try not to have anything sooper exciting while I'm gone. I don't want to miss it.
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OK so here is what people who read this should know about the smith family denver visit™:

Sat. afternoon we're are meeting Lyss for coffee and then going to dinner, morning is free still though.

Sun. Sooper Entity PArty Powers Activate! 'Nuff said.

Mon. Zoo probably? followed by dinner with [ profile] bryree who will have just gotten back. Kate is tentatively our driver as thom is a work-a-holicbrand new lawyer person and Karen is in skool.

Tues. Sara and Rona leave for OK

Thurs. I go to OK.

Stuff to cross off:
[ profile] bryree what are our dinner plans?
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It is less than a month now until we'll be in Denver. We are looking forward to good times and good news, with good friends (you can't lose. This could become a habit).
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On the train. )

Lunch and Attack of the Red Hats. )

The Zoo! )

Barbecue! )

Hipster Breakfast. )

Union Station Has Beautiful Lighting. )

Too many huge cuts? Here is is Princess Bride Style:

"Lemme 'splain. (pause.) No there is too much lemme sum up: we had a fantastic time visiting and were very sorry we had to leave.
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I prolly won't have time before this weekend to do last weekend any sort of justice. Suffice to say I will be starting a few hours before this picture was taken. They'll be lots of photos, some that I was happy with even from a critical/composition standpoint.

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Back from PDX. Good times were had. Pictures taken. Monkeys, lemurs and meerkats seen. Red hatted old-ladies had cancer wished upon them. More later.
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The bags are getting packed and sundry other trip prep stuff. We board the train at like 3 am tomorrow morning but by 10 am we should be in Portland. We will all be happy to get the hell out of dodge for a few days.
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Be fore warned oh P-Town. And tremble before the train ridin', unsupported standin', earth shattering shoutin' power that is Rona.

We will arrive the morning of the 19th and leave the afternoon(ish?) of the 21st. We will be staying downtown (at the Doubletree?) due to theSara's awesome powers of priceline manipulation.

Victory or death!

Also P-town is Portland

Also, also: PONIES!
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Not to be too effusive but here we go:

Friday: a surprisingly easy road trip with baby. Not anywhere near as bad as I could have imagined even if I wouldn't care to repeat it anytime soon. Poor [ profile] secret_hippie had to ride in the back of the cab because the carseat doesn't really fit back there. We arrived to a fantastically delicious dinner in three courses (four if you count the liquor: tasty, tasty martinis) a tomato bisque followed by fried rice and spicy beef, there was also creme broulee. Our friends Brian and Jen displayed a level of hospitality that makes me feel shamed that I ever even thought of asking people into our home. Jen's sister and brother-in-law came to dinner with their daughter who made fast friends with Rona.

The Friday Picture )
Saturday: we started with more rich food: eggs benedict, artisan breads, tasty jams, i cry a little when I remember it. We managed to make it to Target to pick up a air mattress without a hole in it to sleep on that night before we needed to head to the arboreteum to meet with all our sundry Seattle friends who managed to make it up there (and a couple of Portland friends too: yay!) It was far to short and randomly executed but at least we got to hang out some.

The Saturday Picture )
Sunday: we pretty much were at IKEA from 11:30 am-2 pm. We bought a vast amount of stuff: a oversized love seat (although not in leather), shelving solutions, and more and more stuff. It was good we had a trailer. suffice to say we have places to sit and put stuff plus a thingy to keep little people hands away from the stove top, and a step stool. Again the ride home was tough on the little one:

Last cheap excuse for pics of my daughter. )
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Because we are.
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Tomorrow we leave for Seattle where we'll see [ profile] anymelanie, [ profile] jeremyrichards, [ profile] spinelessoaf and others. And on sunday: sweet, sweet IKEA.
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OK after very little deliberation, random web research and such the plan is thus:

Saturday, June 25, at 2 pm you can meet up with Sara, Rona and I and whomever else is feeling up to it at the Washington Park Arboretum at the visitors center. Seattle-ites are encouraged to show up with alternate plans in case of inclement weather. We will also have with us Son of Gamebox™. If you are lost, late or run into any such issues you can reach me at five-oh-nine, nine-five-one, oh-one-three-five on any telephonic device you might wish to use. Admission to the Japanese Gardens (which at the very least I am interested in seeing) is $5. Dinner plans will be made up as we go along. Comments, compliments and other miscellany may be included by the masses below.
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I went camping with my Da and sister for Father's day. I took pictures. They are in order in my Flickr account starting with this one...

Fun factoids and stories with most pictures!

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