22 October 2006

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Life has seen so overwhelmingly normal that it seems like there hasn't been too much to say really. [livejournal.com profile] secret_hippie has settled quite well into school and while parts of it seem challenging it is more a function of the professor or specific subject (who wants to learn to speak and think like middle management?) rather than of grad school itself.

Groceries get delivered which is nice, because now we only have to haul stuff up the hill if we forgot to buy it ahead of time or need something specific for dinner. The weather is mostly what you'd expect: overcast, and rain, rain, rain. Except for the days when it isn't. Those days are mild with piercing blues skies and wisps of clouds that remind me of summer.

I am settling into being a stay at home dad. It is a bigger adjustment than I had really thought about, but I am liking it just fine. We read, we play with her puzzles and generally have a good time. I manage to get some work done while she naps or during the morning or afternoon when Sar isn't in class. Sometimes I wish I could just run out and shoot but despite having limited chances at photography of the town I am still discovering new things to shoot.


Absentee ballots arrived here and I've voted. I was relieved to see that at least my excuse for less evil than the other makes a slightly better than average shill and voted against this habeas corpus nonsense. No if only the DDR mat or the box with the rest of Rona's toys could finish making their way through the labyrinthine mail system. Somewhere we should have info to find out their location but we haven't tried looking yet. Perhaps we are afraid of what we'll find.

Today is d&d day and [livejournal.com profile] neepheid and [livejournal.com profile] percible will be picking me up this afternoon to drive all the way out to Kemnay where we play. If I am lucky my thief won't die this afternoon. He's not to bright really. And when did 17 miles get to be a long way to go? When our parents visit I think we may rent a car so we can see more of Aberdeenshire and the Highlands than just downtown.

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