14 April 2007

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I suppose I have to come clean at some point I just hope I am not jinxing it. For a while my friend Collin has bemoaned my leaving Spokane for more Scottish climes (actually before we even left he was complaining). So eager to have me work for him he's willing to wait for me to wait for Sara to finish most of her dissertation before I come on board. Along with a contract proposal that I simply couldn't turn down. Things are still a little in the air, I won't really consider this the plan until I've signed an actual contract but there is no reason not to start rough planning. We are doing the early footwork for a house etc. and by Labor Day I should be back in Spo-vegas. As much as it is great news and I am super excited to be the senior photographer/designer for a publishing company that is going to make it well worth my while I am already sad at the prospect of leaving Scotland. But at least we know that between my job and what Sara finds (and they are there to be found in Spokane) we'll be able to come back. And if we are really lucky things like seeing Great Big Sea right the end will soften the blow (it's just matter of scrounging up the money required).

I haven't taken taken very many pictures lately, Rona's been sick and we're still adjusting to Sara's new schedule (which is nearly over). So I'll leave you with more Rona from the Family Toast pool.

Stargazing?, originally uploaded by equso.

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