5 September 2007

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Has it been a year already? Our time in 'Cotland flew by and was over too soon. We hated to have to bring you back but we are on to another adventure, part of which is figuring out what, exactly, it is. In the last year you've grown five inches and gained seven pounds, (we'll visit the doctor today and find out how accurate your Momma and I have been) and you've changed so much. Your always more so your own person, sometimes to our dismay, but we couldn't possibly love you any more for it either. I recently lost status as your father since apparently that honor is reserved for "Maurice" in your Beauty and the Beast fantasies. You have the most active imagination. I have ever seen, it's so involved.

You are still frighteningly charismatic and there hasn't been anyone yet who hasn't thought you were the bees knees when they met you. We've taught you some pretty good people tricks but you are on to us and with hold the awesome goods and dole out your, "I decide who lives or dies!", "I HEART DETROY!" or throwing the horns sparingly to keep us wrapped around your little finger. You loved nursery school and I can't wait to get you back into a learning place. We loved hearing about your friends: Darcy, Clark, Layla, Amy... Darcy, Clark" when we would pick you up and walk home. And later when you and your partner in crime Amy Wiltshire would rule the Two's room.

I loved taking you to the see the Lucy Story on stage , the way you were completely hypnotized by the show and the way you hid your face when you knew the wolves were going to come out of the walls. I don't know how long it will take you to own up to it but I you like to be scared, I am sure. I see a long road ahead of me filled with zomie movies and horror films, but just like I will go to share them with your mother, I will love going with you.

I am thankful that as bright and quick as you are, you are only three. I thought yesterday might make your birthday a pretty hard day for you, but mercifully, you don't quite understand. The second worst part of yesterday was explaining that your kitty won't be living with us anymore. You were upset that we were upset and couldn't understand why we couldn't just take him to another doctor after he slept. I know it that soon you will miss him, but it will take a little longer, and the blow, spread out over time, will hit you so much softer. Plus you, like all children are pretty amazingly resilient.

I am excited for our next year. We will return to "Cotland, for a crazy vistit, and considering how the party going seems to be growing I mean that more and more literally. You'll get to meet and remember all the Denver Friends™, including baby Lamb, Adelaide, the twins, Zanon, baby Ben as well as the big kids: Andrew, Liese and your Uncle Tom. We'll get to visit Utah, which–crazies aside–is one of the most beautiful deserts ever. And there is so much that is just going to be a wonderful surprise to all of us.

I love you so much little monkey I just don't know what to do with myself. This year is going to be the Awesomest™.

Your Da

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The quick story of Tuesday. The emergency clinic had Othello stable and had gotten his blood sugar down to a decent level but recommended we take him to the clinic (the weekend was over so Tuesday morning they close up shop) so he could get some continued care and teach us how to administer insulin etc. etc. We dropped him off and the vet looked as his most recent bloodwork. He was concerned because on top of the diabetes he could tell the either the liver wasn't working right, the pancreas or both. So they kept him him on fluids, and did some more blood tests. Around two in the afternoon he called Sara and told us we needed to take him for an ultrasound, something was going on but he couldn't figure it out. Othello's red blood cell count was dropping dramatically. By the time Sara got the clinic we had to make the hard choice. We could the ultrasound and keep poking around but he'd need to go back to the emergency clinic overnight because he'd need blood transfusions. He told us we could have spent thousands of dollars over the next couple of days and that would only maybe get us to where we'd know exactly what was wrong with him and likely no closer to a solution (if there was a cure at all). Sara made the call and we took Othello home so Rona could say goodbye with us, then Sara and I took him back to the clinic. Afterwards we took him home to Sara's mother's house where we placed him next to Robbie (sara's previous cat and Ashes, the Tomcat the Wouldn't Die™. It was hard, and even upset the vet, but we are certain that we made the right choice for him. We are just sorry there wasn't anything else we could have done for him. And really damn angry at the vet back home who instead of recognizing the diabetes when we called him (a dead easy over the phone diagnosis apparently) told us simply to change his diet.

Edit: Thanks all for your thoughts and well wishes. They are much appreciated.
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This is Mark our GM for GURPS and all around great guy. And I'm not saying that just because I'll be sending him a link to this entry...

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