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So we are vaguely organized this year and this are so far rolling out about the way should. Of course today is only the 10th. One more week of class until break and then things will be pretty quiet around here, at least work wise. Although I have started pounding on the doors of ad agencies so hopeful that will produce something anyway... I am also taking job suggestions for overseas. Somewhere where they are likely to need a librarian to boot.

Happy Christmas Times!

Chruistmas Carnage, originally uploaded by toosuto.
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Before I get distracted and forget: We all hope you all have a safe, cozy and happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas, originally uploaded by toosuto.
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Christmas was the best. I'd like to me more cogent about it but I am finding coherence slightly difficult. [ profile] slownewsday and [ profile] giantlaser were thankfully not delayed by the fog which kept [ profile] hailcezer in London for an extra 6 hours or so when she flew up. Christmas dinner was tasty and delicious as was all of the food, particularly [ profile] slownewsday's butter chicken even if it was right on the edge of being too spicy to eat. Bellies were filled, hearts warmed and Rona was very distressed when she couldn't go home with them. We spent today just kind of lazing around the house and not doing much of anything. Well that's what I imagined anyway, I left the house at 10 am to catch the bus, to catch a train that was cancelled so waited for the next train, to go to Inverurie to return the travel cot we had hired for Rona so everyone could sleep in their own beds and then to pick up some groceries on the way home so didn't get home until 2 pm. It was cold and man, did it just take everything I had right out of me.

To the nap-mobile!

(Christmas and Jayme & Tyler Visit photos are here.)

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