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Long long ago when we planned the trip down to Londinium, [ profile] slownewsday was going to model for me and we were to have a proper photoshoot. We didn't really manage to find the time as she unfortunately had to work every morning we were there, I still squeezed in some quick shots as we were getting ready to leave on Monday evening. And I suppose I might not have gotten this shot which I really quite like. Also the wheels are slowly grinding and I finished off my first proof of concept version for the upcoming project: Create Some Venue For Cash Flow For Josh (or CSVFCFFJ). I'll have the appropirateappropriate pages added to acid tongue by the end of the weekend.

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Got this one processed and had to share immediately...

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Sunday [ profile] giantlaser guided us up to the Hampstead Heath where we turned Rona loose upon a brilliant playground (with absolutely no graffiti) and then wandered up to the top of Parliment Hill. Then we wandered down past the Relay For Life event to the pub with the worst service ever. Not only will they let you pay for drinks they don't have (they said they pop over to the store for more milk for Rona) they'll wish ill on those coming in a beautiful summer day to give you a brisk business. Seriosuly what the hell. The only positives about Garden Gate Pub (on South End Road near the Heath) is that they have Früli Strawberry Beer on tap as well as a couple of lambic's and a gorgeous garden. The rest of sunday was resting and playing games (Bohnanza, Tsuro and Mousetrap for the Rona, we are going to have to fight the games with bits attraction I can tell) back at the flat with [ profile] giantlaser, [ profile] slownewsday and their friend Yan Yan ([ profile] yanners). Jayme made a delicious roast and heavenly potatoes.

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Arrived home from Londinium early this morning. Then just kind of collapsed into a heap all day. We had a fantastic time except for when [ profile] slownewsday kicked in that one door and ended up with a chicken on her head.

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