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1. [ profile] secret_hippie made her official statement apparently it was a secret before. Oops. There are still a lot of things that need to come together for it to happen but that leap off the cliff has been made. Or maybe we're just running towards it at this point, I dunno.

2. Saw [ profile] squid_pro_qou last weekend when he played at CSz with me. It was good times and we even drank some beer at the bar afterwards. Like grown ups or something. (And now after Dec. 8 here in Wash. if we do it we won't come home reeking of cigarette smoke!)

3. I've been uncharacteristically positive lately. Just happy. It's weird but true. Some part of me wants to say it's inexplicable but the truth is that it is very splicable: I decided that things were going to be Awesome and they pretty much have been. Sure I have my off days but most days are spent on the side of [ profile] mountawesome.

4. My parents sent [ profile] secret_hippie and I to the Lion King last night. I liked a lot about it actually. I loved hearing the kids reaction to the puppets and costumes (especially the opening number) but oddly enough the adult reaction irritated me. While the kids were all "Wow! Cool!" or "Elephants!" Adults near me were "Look puppets! Frank those are puppets!" Yes lady they are puppets, they certainly did not bring in a real elephant into the theater, especially one that has a semi-transparent body, now stop pulling me back from my childlike delight already. As spectacle it was fantastic, as theater it was disappointing since what I disliked about the film was magnified: the "Can't Wait to be King" number and the meerkat and warthog which both seemed out of place in the movie were even more out of place in the stage production. Where the rest of the show had actors dressed up in beautiful abstract representative costumes, both Timon/Pumba and the musical number stuck out from the production like tacked on Disney touches rather than fully incorporated ideas/characters. We also went out for shwanky appetizers and drinks before hand (firecracker salmon rolls, coconut-macadamia nut crust prawns and teriyaki steak strips followed up with super rich chocolate cake in a bed of raspberry syrup covered in an Amaretto cream sauce).

5. Got to sort of sleep in today because there is no school. I can't wait to go back to 8 am alarm again.

Anyway good times. School has got me busy as I head into the final stretch and work has got me busier as they try to transition me into my new position without yet hiring the new calendar editor. There are 12 applicants so I hopefully they new guy should start soon.
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One wedding completely reworked because of a fuck-wad still-priest with issues.

Two meals eaten today.

Three, number of people in my family: yay!

Four fingers on my left hand that still are not limber enough for proper chording.

Five chicken strips (that comprised my two meals).

Six strings on my guitar which while I still suck at my instructor still has faith that I can suck less eventually.

Seven. God is seven. Thank you Frank Black.

Eight days until we leave on a train for Portland in the middle of the night.

Nine dollars and seventy-two cents was the cost of my lunch yesterday.

Ten is the age when Rona will be allowed to have beer.
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1. [ profile] k8cre8: I am looking at the files you sent me this weekend.

2. [ profile] slownewsday: I haven't caught you online in forever. Or anyone for that matter. I wanted to hear about how stuff was working out with the festival. I saw the icon: nice!

3. [ profile] thedragonweaver: I've had some questions for you for a while now rolling around in my head (especially now that I am enrolled in a graphic design program...)

4. [ profile] badjeebus: I'm still working on getting the camera details worked out with [ profile] secret_hippie, and my other friend informed me today that she needed her hook-up "before August" so I will indeed be forced into the most cold of transanctional interations soon.

5. I need to get logged into an IM soon to catch up when I am not at work so I can get the scoop on what's what.

6. Killer Ponies!
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1. Have I mentioned that we have internet service again?

2. I am now enrolled in school again. I will be in the SFCC Graphic Design Program in the fall which means I will join [ profile] derbiser in non-existence since it demands a full time schedule and I will also have to keep working 25-30 hours a week to boot. That said I'm still pretty excited.

3. PONY.

4. This last Monday I came home to find a bag of Qwest... we'll call it swag in the loosest sense of the word--in it was two water bottles, some magnet business cards, a pen, a large post it note pad (branded) and this:

5. Rona has started sleeping in her crib now... )

6. Even though the guy who wanted to buy our house wanted to sign on June 3 and we gave ourselves a window that lasted until June 10 in order to find a new place to live, despite the fact that we have busted our asses to get out in time, we still have not closed on the house and all I can think is I want my goddamned money. This whole process has been a pain in my/our ass and both [ profile] secret_hippie and I are ready to say it is finished.

7. Saw Revenge of the Sith. I thought the last 30 minutes would make a good movie.

Edited to Add:

8. REALLY miss TiVo.
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1) Stuff moved: 99% Check

2) Stuff Unpacked: 70% Check

3) Cable working: Anti-Check

4) Phone working: ANTI CHECK


6) Needlessly to say posting will be sparse, Meta-Sketchblog delayed and I will get the shakes.


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Good Things:

1. My back looked pretty good to the physical therapist. He thought there were things to work on (apparently my left hip isn't flexible enough nor are my shoulders) and I have nifty home exercises to do, a giant rubber band and a small p.e. ball (approximately 5.75 inches in diameter).

2. I am slightly more rested what with a little nap and some couch lounging.

3. Rona is the cutest thing ever!

Bad Things:

1. I am still groggy and tired.

2. Physical therapy is going to require effort! Damn you effort! *shakes fist*

3. Traffic tickets. I was so tired this morning when I left Inland Imaging from getting my x-rays I didn't put on my seat belt and now I owe the city $101. *sigh*
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Thing Number 1: So the new job will be perfect, it is disgustingly easy and I am afraid that I will have trouble making it seem to take 20 hours a week. The process you ask?
  1. Delete all spam sent to the calendar e-mail since the last time I was in at work.
  2. Make final corrections to the entries from the galleys and then send it back out to be published to the web site.
  3. Remove any expired entries in the calendar and edit any current entries to reflect a new week (if applicable.)
  4. Add entries based on press releases and newsletters received in the last week.
Rinse & repeat.

Thing number 1.5: Who covers the Stone Roses? Apparently IATWTC apparently, that's who.

Thing Number 2: I believe that G&C will finally have it's first honest to god spin off: Gin and Coffee: Spokane Sundays. I think once a month any and all comers should arrive at the Rocket Bakery downtown (at Main & Division) to join myself, Sara, Rona and Son of Gamebox™ for games and face to face socialization which seems to be sorely lacking outside of the home and work for me. Details will be forthcoming in this space before the event.

Thing Number 3: Our house is almost clean!
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Why with a list!

1) I really hate the deli/grill inside the Huckleberries here in Spo-vegas. No please ignore me, I really have no intention of giving you my food orders: bastards. Plus: fucking hipsters. I think there should be a job where-in I get to beat up hipsters. And those damn hippies. CURSE YOU HIPPIES!

2) Happy post birfday to both [ profile] zorah and (very post belatedly) to [ profile] avicado.

3) The weather today is gorgeous here. Hope it is where you are too.

4) I am not excited to be outside at oh dark thirty when the expected high is 7 F.

5) I am at home all day today waiting for a phone call from the Inlander as I may have a honest to goodness part time job there (as opposed to my sometimes PT jobs where they can not schedule me for a week. Why yes I did have a week with no hours why do you ask?)

6) Sara makes the best potato soup ever and it is finely complimented by Negro Modelo, Honey Mead and lambic. And a session of Bitin' Off Hedz. We had dinner with friends K & T on Sunday which made us feel all grown up. Maybe it was the booze.

7) Wanna stick to the Jesuit Man? [ profile] zorah is a law student at GU and cannot even sell tickets to this years production of The Vagina Monologues (not even by word of mouth) to other law students because 10% of the proceeds will go to her own non-profit group Counter Crisis. Even if you are not pro-abortion you may be free speech. Donate money so she can give tickets away to law students on campus.

8) There is no eight: there is only Zuul.

9) By the end of the day I hope to have a Rona Picture Post™ available. Now with 50% more drool!

Edited to Add

10) Read the most recent issue of Astonishing X-Men> If I could have Joss Whedon's babies to secure the future of his genius: I would.

11) Unwinding after work should not include Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Not so much with the relaxing that one.
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1) The Tree™ is up. Actually the tree has been up for over a week but as of Saturday it actually had decorated bits. Sara did most of the work while Rona and I sang along with my live version of Hedwig (we were watching it but I decided that JCM's Hedwig comes off as so completely disconnected that I find it difficult to connect with the character. All in all: good times.

2) Our house is still a mitigated disaster but our bathroom is clean and that does a lot for man.

3) I keep forgetting to water the Aloe. Thrive or die little plants, thrive or die.

4) I've been a good little consumer and nearly finished all my holiday shopping. Today I wrap things up.

5) Sara and I have nearly finished the first season of Dead Like Me I will recommend now heartily recommend it: Yar! I give it to pirate thumbs up! (Of course the show has been cancelled by Ninjas so there ya' go.)

6) I am sad that Serenity has been pushed back. On the bright side it will be something to look forward to after being abused by Lucas again in May. George you said you'd never do that to me again, why do I always take you back?

7) It is now 8:40 (just in case you were curious.)
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The crazy pills I got slipped last night made me completely forget this:

14) Hunter S. Thompson is still the mother fucking biz-omb.

15) As Dick Clark said in my dream last night (irritatedly bouncing his crossed leg on a couch in the lobby of the Tokyo Park Hyatt Hotel) "Dick Clark talks to no one until he's had his bath."

16) Oddly enough the color scheme of the lobby in my dream was correct, even if the structural details were wrong. I am pretty sure that the real Park Hyatt does not have stadium seating type steps from the front doors to the check in desk.
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List, list whose got the list?

1) 3 more days left at my job then it is into the great unknown of retail hell (again.)

2) Saved! was very funny. A very sweet teen romance flick, plus some surprising people involved in the project such as producer Michael Stipe, and Susan Sarandon's daughter. I think that [ profile] secret_hippie could speak more to the setting as she went to that high school, where as I merely had people like Mandy Moore's character try to save me since I was Catholic.

5--No 3!) My house is in shambles (sort of--not really, unless you are OCD like me: WORD) because a week and a half ago we ripped apart our kitchen the pantry (holy crap: SO MUCH DUST!) We (my father and I) tore out all the lathe and plaster, reframed the doorway (so it is more of an attached space rather than a poorly designed closet with a window in it, we also fixed up the wiring so there is a real light switch and a real light fixture (or will be) instead of a light on a pull chain. Just this last weekend we put insulation in the outside wall (Woo! now 4 whole feet of outside wall on one level of my house is insulated!) and hung sheet rock and mudded and plastered all the seams. At this point we meant my dad did a lot of it while I did grunt work stuff or just gave moral support.

4) This weekend is Meet the Godparents! Our friend Sonja is coming across the state (although later than she was supposed to because she has yet again injured her back and had one of her psychs die of a heart attack and another fall and break her hip so she has to pick their workload now) and [ profile] goobermunch (who doesn't post) and [ profile] kisken (who does). Which should be all about the rocking even godparent hood will be in no way officially endowed. Fuck that shit! I declare it to be so, IT IS SO!

Where was I? Ah yes:

5) I may have a consulting/coding job for a lawyer friend of the family. I don't want to jinx it. Needless to say I hope it works out (I could write some code again!)

6) Ponies!

7) I really thought this list would be longer.

8) I gots the creative juices flowin'/ideas are growin'/lyrcism's goin/and I am just about to get wrapped: around this car wreck of a metaphor an'/moving straight down in progression number 9's next is what yer guessin'

9) I got NUTHIN.

10) Was going to be a Violent Femmes reference but just as I got here I noticed that [ profile] kitty_pitchfork beat me to it. *shakes fist impotently* Damn you Hussein! No seriously Dad, give me the car tonight.

11) Which means of course I must pretend that was never my intention at any point and push on to number 11.

12) Number 11 was unnecessarily self referential.

13) Rock on Chicago! Rock on Spokane! Goodnight!

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