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Does anyone there own Arabian Nights? Should I bring it?
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I've been trying to carve out the time to post and failing miserably. Things I have done recently include:
  • attend the Joel Smith CD Release party,
  • saw the sisters off to NY,
  • spent money,
  • collected money,
  • panicked a bit about the future of the business as my bread and butter client tanked,
  • got a scooter that needs to be fixed
  • cleaned house but made no progress.

Things I haven't done which are starting to really annoy me:

  • attended aikido pretty much at all for the last 2.5 weeks,
  • drawn,
  • pulled out my guitar in a yet another attempt to actually use it,
  • weed,
  • clean the garage,
  • yes.

I'm mostly working extra so my trip down to Corvalis and Portland is on flex time I've built up at work but I am running up against the wall of exhaustion plus all the other little things that haven't been sorted properly but need to be before we leave. Love you internets and I hope you are all coping better than I!

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So: still exist and trying to be better about posting. The job is hard, Tuesday I am expecting to need a Drink: good times. Sara and Rona are away (but I am coping and even eating right and going to bed at reasonable times).

On the other hand, the photography show for August is moving forward (thank you to all that pre-bought) and I am taking processed files to the printer tomorrow. I'll also be heading to Michael's for frames and mats this week. I also should have passed my 6th kyu test this last weekend (I'll find out when Sensei comes back from the lake later this week).

On the weird hand they are going to "reboot" Buffy? For a film? Because Joss et. all is not involved? Because that will go well considering the man rebooting it is the one who delivered the lackluster first film (don't et me wrong I liked it but the show was in every way so much better).

On the travel hand we'll be down Portland way the second to last weekend in August to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins and get Rona's big girl bed and worship at the altar of Ikea.

On the ending hand:

S'mores (The Aftermath)
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So I am heading back to Price on Tuesday, the funeral is on Wednesday and I'll return to Spokane on Thursday to finish packing for the big move on Friday. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. I know that both my grandmother and grandfather appreciate it very much (last week I think is the first week my grandfather has not gone to daily mass). On a happy note: twins!

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Back from the trip. Driving with a Three-Nearly-Four-Year-Old is a challenge but we managed OK I suppose. We didn't have anywhere near the length of time (or prime days where we wanted to) but it was nice to see everyone that we did. The wedding was a fantastic party and the new cousin enjoys fine whiskeys and Scotch in particular so even though we didn't haul a present across five states (! Plus since they are moving to Oregon as soon as they get back from their honeymoon they'd have to haul it across two) I think we still made a good impression on him. It was nice to see the family as I haven't seen some of them since [ profile] secert_hippie and I were married or longer. Took many many pictures so at least some should be decent. Other than that I am sleep for crap as I have the house to myself until 29 July when the rest of the little family returns.
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We just weren't sure about the figs, they are new to us (un-Newtonized that is). We leave tomorrow, if you are in Denver or Price, UT you may see us. If you are in Casa Grande you may see the girls. If you aren't in any of those places believe we are dissapointed too. Very very disappointed. Isn't there a way for us to make our living as professional family visiting those what need visiting? There ought to be a law!

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Good news and a bonus picture!

We'll be in Denver from 14 July through the morning of 18 July! We won't be there on a weekend day but I am sure we can still all have good times! Also one more exclamation point! Yay!

Rock!, originally uploaded by toosuto.
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I believe this was my favorite photo from Portland. My friend Melanie from high school and [ profile] portlandpiglet's ukelele.

St. Melanie of the Ukelele, originally uploaded by toosuto.
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Home safe, the trip was too short to spend all the time we wanted and too long to sleep on those overstuffed hotel pillows.


23 May 2008 13:22
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Portland in less than 12 hours!
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Know 'xactly when we're back again....

T minus 5.5 hours.
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Just in case we don't see you. We were so glad to see all of you and hope to return soon. Today we're taking care of some shopping for shoes for [ profile] secret_hippie and _______ . Mostly because it is too early in the morning to be filling in blanks.

This Is The Light of Autumn, originally uploaded by toosuto.
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I've been mega-super relaxing here in Denver land, I've not been this relaxed since July sometime. But the thesis is in, I've a vague idea of what the hell is going on for us (vague, but some idea anyway) and so it's just been nice. Not to mention it has been far too long since we've been down here (we were last here as a family 8 October 2005). So far we hit Sweet Tomatoes (Sara's favorite salad bar restaurant ever), we went to the Autumn Harvest Party of Awesomeness where we got to see just about everyone (even if we didn't get to talk to anyone as much as we would have like) and today [ profile] goobermunch and [ profile] dr_tectonic ran a Very Special One-Shot d20 campaign this afternoon. Rona has been having way to wonderful of a time: she made fast friends with Annaliese and loves Baby Lamb so much, but she's been eating for crap and bedtime has been a nightmare. She also has been only consolable by the Momma now that she is back from her dissertation.

And even though it was supposed to be super cold today but that was all Denver loves us so much it snowed (we got 5 inches in Aurora today). I fear that I am the snow bringer: lived here and we got the St. Patrick's Week Blizzard of 2003, the snow in early October two years ago as well as the brief snow of the following March plus today. I've got a strong correlation going anyway. Anyway we're having great time. Time to scamper and play some of them video games!

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3.75 hours (approximately)!

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We are so very close! Two days and we'll well into our relaxation period. And then we can properly start catching up with folk in Spokane too...

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It's that time of thesis: reading and re-reading but soon it will all be over. I am meeting an editor for the Inland NW Homes and Lifestyles Magazine to try and drum up some more freelance work. I am also considering having postcards printed (based on the flapper-esque illustration I just did). Denver on Friday: yay! I am thinking that possible our Zoo Adventure™ should start around 10 am? Is that too early? Not early enough? I don't know! Also exciting is the one-shot D&D campaign set for Sunday. I plan on venting my frustrations by smashing things and possibly acting the righteous prig (as every good paladin should).

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I'm actually ahead on my illustration project (which means I might get to work some on my 52CC homework, maybe even finish it before Monday. Dropped by [ profile] that1chiccomic's birthday/housewarming gathering last night which was nice.On reflection I think because it's the first gathering we've been to since coming back where I wasn't the main attraction (although the meet Cesa's boyfriend BBQ might count–except for the sheer number of people my folks invited) and we got to see [ profile] belladonnalin and [ profile] willowbean. I'm looking forward to getting out to regular social events. I do miss d&d although I'm really not sure when I will be able to rectify that. It's hard carving out time for stuff and I think I've proved that it's a task I'm finding difficult since the Return™.

I'll say it here though Denver: I am looking forward to BatHotH and the LOTR board game if there is time (I finally played in Scotland and my opinion: awesome. How are they expansions?). Sara would probably love some Settlers/Knights & Cities of Catan too seeing as how we don't own it yet (still). It's 9:44 am and it's time to start the day: Forward ho!

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Well, it's Tuesday and I can confirm for those you in Denver we will be making a Very Special Visit™ on Oct. 19-23, thanks to [ profile] kisken and [ profile] goobermunch who are awesome indeed!

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Still not much luck on the home finding front. Finally saw our first halfway decent apartment yesterday but its balcony view of the steeply pitched roof five feet away made it rather lackluster. I need to stop putting off getting the paperwork together for the scratch/scuff someone left on the Renault Scenic we rented from Aberdeen to Sussex, I just really hate bureaucracy so I fight it. Rona's birthday (and our welcome back) Big Family Deal is today as well. In someways it feels like we just got off the plane in others like we are really dropping the ball and behind on Getting Things Done (whatever the hell those Things actually are). Working hard on breathing and taking this one day at a time. Mostly it's working. Here are photos of the Scenic the morning we left for Sussex, I was going to post about the drive but there isn't much to say except what is included on the notes of the photos and "crowded," "long," "Rona did brilliant," and "Really Englad WTF!? How did you double the amount of time it should take a body to drive 500 some miles? Because it sure wasn't Scotland which was lovely and quick (although admittedly not as quick as I could do stateside but still).

Feeling a little disjointed this morning. Anyway here is my first photo taken back in Spokane:

Oh No! originally uploaded by toosuto.
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Arrived with very little fuss (I suppose) but completely exhausted. The list:

1. Watched Spidey 3, Cars and Chicken Little on the plane from Gatwick. Then continued to miss the fancy back of seat DVR for the rest of the trip.

2. Bean burrito (-onion) had. Crunch Wrap Supreme (-sour cream) had.

3. Phones are active,m numbers coming soon.

4. The kitties should be on the ground by now (assuming they weren't delayed any more) and should be back in Spokane by this evening sometime.

5. ... Nope it's gone. Still far too tired.

6. Tonight: corn meal waffles and streaky bacon!

5. I remember now: people talk funny here and couldn't queue if their lives depended on it.

7. Driver's License: renewed!

8. I have only walked to the wrong side of the car to drive twice. And I mostly remember what side to drive on, when I don't remember it's when I am route planning (note to self: there are very rarely the opportunity for a free left turn here).

9. We miss Scotland a lot.

10. Is a nice round number to end it on.

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