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Just in case we don't see you. We were so glad to see all of you and hope to return soon. Today we're taking care of some shopping for shoes for [ profile] secret_hippie and _______ . Mostly because it is too early in the morning to be filling in blanks.

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I've been mega-super relaxing here in Denver land, I've not been this relaxed since July sometime. But the thesis is in, I've a vague idea of what the hell is going on for us (vague, but some idea anyway) and so it's just been nice. Not to mention it has been far too long since we've been down here (we were last here as a family 8 October 2005). So far we hit Sweet Tomatoes (Sara's favorite salad bar restaurant ever), we went to the Autumn Harvest Party of Awesomeness where we got to see just about everyone (even if we didn't get to talk to anyone as much as we would have like) and today [ profile] goobermunch and [ profile] dr_tectonic ran a Very Special One-Shot d20 campaign this afternoon. Rona has been having way to wonderful of a time: she made fast friends with Annaliese and loves Baby Lamb so much, but she's been eating for crap and bedtime has been a nightmare. She also has been only consolable by the Momma now that she is back from her dissertation.

And even though it was supposed to be super cold today but that was all Denver loves us so much it snowed (we got 5 inches in Aurora today). I fear that I am the snow bringer: lived here and we got the St. Patrick's Week Blizzard of 2003, the snow in early October two years ago as well as the brief snow of the following March plus today. I've got a strong correlation going anyway. Anyway we're having great time. Time to scamper and play some of them video games!

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3.75 hours (approximately)!

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So Sara, Rona, Liam, my friend Sara, her daughter Raven and myself are going to the zoo on Monday 22 October, Rhonda and the tinier Gamaches were coming but unfortunately famiial duties call and it's a no go. So who else wants to come to the zoo? (Or–in the case of inclement weather–the aquarium?) It'll be kidanimal-tastic!

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