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Picked up the Inlaws™ last night and conquered the left handed stick shift. The rental place was out of automatics when I went to pick up the car and I figured, "Sure, I'll try the stick, what's the worse that can happen? I can't leave the parking lot? I smash the crap out of my right hand every time I want to shift?" One I figured out where 1st was I did fine and didn't smack up the right hand at all.

[ profile] secret_hippie is taking a break from school work today and we'll be tooling around Aberdeen, seeing the inside sights and maybe some outside ones if the weather improves (churches, Duthie park etc.)

I had the best dream evar last night: [ profile] secret_hippie and I had moved back in with my parents but it was OK because they had moved their house to Australia. The next door neighbor had a hot tub but it was so hot there you couldn't tell how hot the water was. The pantry was stuffed with snack food and Ryan and Kelly (friends from university) came over to hang out and play video games and talk about the upcoming tabletop campaign. Then we went to a theater fundraiser organized by [ profile] birchfire (it might have been for Spokane Centerstage but that's a little hazy). I sang an original duet with Lori Petty and when we finished up we handed the guitar over to Ronald Reagan. While his karaoke slip clearly indicating he was to play some flamenco guitar, Reagan looked down at the slip, and then back at Nancy. "Fuck it!" he exclaimed and then launched into "I Hope That Somethin' Better Comes Along!" Most Awesome dream indeed.

Also 42/500 this morning!
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This morning I dreamt that while visiting Thom and Karen (in anticipation of the sidekick) we spent a day visiting Sara's uncle. While there a bear attacked our dog who could not escape because she had bad hips and couldn't run. After the bear had killed her and bitten the heart out of our uncle's dog he shot it so he could "have something unusual in his lunch at work."

I woke up a little while after that, and could hear the Decemberists playing in my head but could not hear the words...

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