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Friends who have played Arkham Horror: Have you ever managed a game in the 2-4 hours the box suggests it will take? Also would I possibly be happier selling it on eBay and purchasing Descent? Quandries abound!
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Does anyone there own Arabian Nights? Should I bring it?
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I am not giving them but asking for them.

I have about $50 left in Christmas money. I did not receive Arkham Horror like I suspected I might but I am somewhat leaning in that direction... I could also beef up my Munchkin cards as I have zero expansions. I dunno. Besides Agricola ([ profile] hallandoatbran) what would pick out?
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I helped out with [ profile] hallandoatbran's boardgame geek podcast yesterday. We ramble out playing boardgames, and Trampie tells us how thoroughly he loves Agricola. We also rag on the rebooted Clue.
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Lost LOTR again (but for the first time with my own copy of the game) and tomorrow I get to re-starts the training. I am seriously rebooting the aikido skills and just about starting from scratch. Stoopid down time. Oh well: Yay!
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I'm actually ahead on my illustration project (which means I might get to work some on my 52CC homework, maybe even finish it before Monday. Dropped by [ profile] that1chiccomic's birthday/housewarming gathering last night which was nice.On reflection I think because it's the first gathering we've been to since coming back where I wasn't the main attraction (although the meet Cesa's boyfriend BBQ might count–except for the sheer number of people my folks invited) and we got to see [ profile] belladonnalin and [ profile] willowbean. I'm looking forward to getting out to regular social events. I do miss d&d although I'm really not sure when I will be able to rectify that. It's hard carving out time for stuff and I think I've proved that it's a task I'm finding difficult since the Return™.

I'll say it here though Denver: I am looking forward to BatHotH and the LOTR board game if there is time (I finally played in Scotland and my opinion: awesome. How are they expansions?). Sara would probably love some Settlers/Knights & Cities of Catan too seeing as how we don't own it yet (still). It's 9:44 am and it's time to start the day: Forward ho!

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Is anyone else playing urban dead? I've got a medic (recently revivified). If so let me know so I can come and find you (or you me).
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Now back to a normal schedule completely. Not everyone was available for the weekly role playing session so we played a varied assortment of games that I brought (I feel kind of like a jerk because with the exception of Plague and Pestilence: Gloom, Chez Geek (which I miss playing actually–Sara hates it–so I don't feel bad about that one), and Unexploded Cow. Good times anyway. Hopefully if we land somewhere that isn't Spokane, or the Denver, Seattle or Portland metro areas we won't have to work too hard to find a group of people to play with. Because that's the worst thing of all: to have no one to play with...

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Quiet but excellent weekend. D&D was cancelled on Sunday so we had boardgames on Saturday instead. Played a long round of Captain Park's Imaginary Polar Expedition followed by a couple quick rounds of Plague and Pestilence, it was good times and I'd been needing a board game fix. Other than that not much to report.

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G&C: SE is a go. Tomorrow from noon-ish until approx. 3:30 pm myself, Sara and whomever else would like to will hang at the Empyrean Coffee Shop (154 S. Madison St.) Questions? You can reach me at nine-five-one-oh-one-three-five.

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