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So Cesa jetted off to NY (by way of Seattle) yesterday. Sara and I had delicious TEx-mex at Rancho Chico: real enchildas, refired beans, spanish rice and arroz con pollo. We tried to get out and see a show at the Empyrean (the good local coffee shop) but they got off to such a late start and Rona has been so bad about bedtime we started to crash long before it was even halfway over. Ran into one of my freelancers (when I was in a position to hire them anyway) who was working the door and it sounds like freelancing is going to be tough: she's not gotten paid for some shots and it sounds like I did too good a job making the ol' Inlander feel like it didn't need freelancers, but from some of the photos I've been seeing: it does. My replacement does a good job but some of the other photos. Well, they were pretty bad. Ah well, it's not really my problem anymore I suppose. In less whiney news Rona will start school a week from Monday. She's already super excited about it

We are slowly developing a routine. Although I would imagine it won't really settle until after Sar submits.

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Apparently, up until two seconds ago I was convinced it was Thursday. What is wrong with me this week? Picked up a cheap metal Ikea desk yesterday and also met some of the Spokane Flickr group at the potentially money making photoroll ($25 a pop for any photos the owners of the Data Center liked so they can use it in marketing materials, it's really damn cheap but at this point I'll take any money I can get). I've got the weekend to wrap up most of my MS illustration gig although unless my project manager calls me today to clear up one last issue I may not be totally finished until Tuesday. I've hit the point where I just want it done, I've got 3+ photoshoots for next week I think, plus I am taking some alternate senior photos for my cousin [ profile] kirby_carlos. Plus plus I ran into a different cousin last night when we were out for a beer with Ces (who leaves for NY today) and he needs some clean shots of Spokane for his frame shop to sell to tourists (he's managing Quickframe–or is it Quick Frame–in Riverpark Square if you need something framed). So yeah: income for me(knock on wood). Yay! I also was grownup and un-desperate enough to realize that the job offer I had on Thursday (I didn't mention it earlier it was hella weird) was a Bad Deal for me and so will be passing, thank you very much, of course I actually have to do the passing on it still. I think that'll be done over the phone. I may be grown up but I am still a big chicken. I'll leave you with this: vector art pin ups. Because I am a sucker for pinups and god knows when it's combined with Russian iconography I can't help but think it's anything short of awesome.

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Too much to do! Because it's Thursday *sigh*

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Did I mention Cesa was in town? Because she is. There are seven of us crammed into my folks house right now. It was eight this weekend while her new boy was here (all the way from NY). I'll have the Microsoft illustration gig wrapped up by Monday hopefully and I have a meeting today for three upcoming photoshoots. I'm also waiting on a call to schedule a senior portrait shoot and I am doing some alternates for my cousin this weekend. I'm also checking out a local aikido dojo this morning. I'm also working on a sekrit piece that needs to be done relatively soon as well. Eventually this will seem less overwhelming but the biggest shock for me is having gone from hardly ever having anything to do (much less deadlines for them) to forty billion things that need to be done NOW! RIGHT NOW! OH GOD, WHY AREN'T THEY DONE!? So I guess I am still really adjusting to coming back.

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Well, it's Tuesday and I can confirm for those you in Denver we will be making a Very Special Visit™ on Oct. 19-23, thanks to [ profile] kisken and [ profile] goobermunch who are awesome indeed!

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  • Pencil and digital comps sent to client: check!
  • Sketches ready to scan: check
  • Um... End of List: Check

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Nothing to say today, just surfacing from work long enough to post the photo, and pick up some tables for the crazy family BBQ.

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Kraut Ranzas: Check.
German Sausages: Check.
Saurkraut: Check.
German Potato Salad: Check.
Strudel: Check.
Kuchen: Nooooooooo! They were sold out already: Sad Sauce!

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It's Thursday everybody: Hooray! On our plate today: practice senior picture photoshoot, job application drop off, letter mailing, octopus drawing, soup night and insurance form completing. Also a small, tiny bit of birthday card shopping as today is my Dad's birthday and tomorrow our Aunt Jan's. Seeing as how I actually slept last night today is a bright a cheery day full of possibility and sickening promise. Positive thinking! Believe in yourself, dumbass!

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It's the Jesus Birthday (as [ profile] justk pointed out to me). I'll be working hard to resist the devil not get arrested, betrayed or crucified in the coming year. If I can make it another year and manage at least one out of those three I should be safe. And now: off to the part-time job applications (weeeeeee).

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A walk through of a potential house (on west Boone). Open house at Vivo Publishing. A dentist visit. Some phone calls. A bit of paperwork. And we've already scratched off some phone calls and a veterinary visit (Thistle is in excellent health) off the list already.

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P.S. super awesome chat awesomeness for Adium users (the Macintosh user's answer to Trillian).
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Nothing worse than a pushy duck.

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Still not much luck on the home finding front. Finally saw our first halfway decent apartment yesterday but its balcony view of the steeply pitched roof five feet away made it rather lackluster. I need to stop putting off getting the paperwork together for the scratch/scuff someone left on the Renault Scenic we rented from Aberdeen to Sussex, I just really hate bureaucracy so I fight it. Rona's birthday (and our welcome back) Big Family Deal is today as well. In someways it feels like we just got off the plane in others like we are really dropping the ball and behind on Getting Things Done (whatever the hell those Things actually are). Working hard on breathing and taking this one day at a time. Mostly it's working. Here are photos of the Scenic the morning we left for Sussex, I was going to post about the drive but there isn't much to say except what is included on the notes of the photos and "crowded," "long," "Rona did brilliant," and "Really Englad WTF!? How did you double the amount of time it should take a body to drive 500 some miles? Because it sure wasn't Scotland which was lovely and quick (although admittedly not as quick as I could do stateside but still).

Feeling a little disjointed this morning. Anyway here is my first photo taken back in Spokane:

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Haircuts and apartment hunting today. More people tomorrow. I think we actually have a break on Sunday to have some time to ourselves...

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Posting in the morning: what the hell? I'm waiting on a call for my first freelance photoshoot, an email for the potential illustration gig (which is still only potential? I'm having trouble getting this nailed down–or maybe that trouble is all in my head because I think it's pretty much mine, I think) and some people to schedule meetings with about more work: yay! Tomorrow Rona and Sara have haircuts, Saturday is the big railroaded Rona party (we had little to no choice but are not complaining besides Rona will get her giant I-Missed-You-So-Much-While-You-Were-In-Scotland-Here-Is-A-Giant-Play-Kitchen present (to go with her sweet metal shopping cart and groceries that we gave her yesterday). Also we'll be a week closer to Duetchesfest (and seeing neice Daphne and godmother Sonja), my sister's visit with her new boy and my birthday (grandma wouldn't allow us to share, "I'm only doing Rona's." she declared).

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This is Mark our GM for GURPS and all around great guy. And I'm not saying that just because I'll be sending him a link to this entry...

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...and we're back.

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The whole Smith household has been anxious and tired. I've been finding myself nearly overcome by emotion at various times for no reason at all. Needless to say (especially since I've said it plenty of times before) we're not so much excited leaving. In the interest of sanity here is a list of things that I am excited about RE: moving back stateside:
  • waffles, either from Tracy (the best waitress ever) or corn meal waffles from scratch off our own waffle iron;
  • Tacos, from the taco truck;
  • sour mix (apparently, who knew they didn't have it in this country–no whiskey sour for me and don't even ask what they attempted to give me);
  • Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage;
  • the end of Sara and mine's separate social lives with the reintroduction of Regular Babysitters™ and/or child friendly restaurants and events;
  • putting together some sort of improv project (assuming we stay in the 'Kan long enough);
  • working again;
  • access to a photo studio;
  • disposable income (eventually).
Today we're having a follow-up breakfast to my night out with the some of my GURPS group, followed by laying low. Monday Sara will make her last trip to the library and we'll start cleaning the flat. Tuesday we'll make the final push to clean and I'll have to trek out to the airport to pick up the car for the Long Drive™. We'll have a couple of visitors (including our final walkthrough with our landlord) and then to bed for our 7 am departure Wednesday morning. Assuming we hit London town at the right time (and I really hope we do) we'll have dinner with [ profile] slownewsday and [ profile] giantlaser. Which is the most appropriate way to bring this adventure to a close: by sharing a last meal here with the same friends we shared the first one.

Dammit. I just made myself tear up all over again.

Run Away!
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Had lunch downtown with Sara yesterday and did some early Christmas shopping. Had the same waiter we've had every time at the Yangtze River when we've gone. He looked up the stairs as we came in and excalimed, "It's about time you've been in." Later he asked where Rona is. It sucks to have to leave places like that behind. Even more so when you are going somewhere with none of those places at all (at least none that serve Dim Sum, I can't speak more highly of Tracy at Dolly's in Spokane, she is the best waitress ever). Tonight Sara is out with the girls from her course and we'll work on wrapping up the packing today. Tomorrow night I'll be boxing up my machine and by Friday morning I'll have the internet DTs as I'll have to steal my internet time from Sara on her laptop. But I love you internet, I got you like a bad habit...

Oh, and cross your fingers for me: I'm applying for a job at Dark Horse (in Milwaukie OR) in their marketing department as a Junior Graphic Designer. I hope that it would be a good fit and that if so I can land it for the kind of money we can afford.

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Just in case you missed it in [ profile] secret_hippie our last ditch attempt to stay bore mean, kick to the crotch fruit. Plans proceed apace otherwise. We packed up and weighed three out of six pieces of luggage. I went to aikido for the last time here and got my scurvy fighting new belt (it's orange). Today Sara is working at interview transcription and then we're meeting up for a little lunch. We'll work some more on packing tonight, working so we can finish up Thursday evening. Thursday I'll break down the Tower of Obsolete Power™ and we'll box up Rona's toys what are going in the post. Friday morning friend Mairi will help me shlep it all down and get it actually on it's way. A week from tonight will be our last night in our home.

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