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Somehow I don't think I'll miss it. Not here anyway...
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So, for those of you that don't are as disconnected from entertainment news as I am, apparently Disney can't keep their greasy mitts off our childhood, thankfully an appropriate response has been prepared. Thanks to Dork Tower, and the Simpsons.

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Two things, the first irritating:

So I've been all excited because I get to leave the Calendar here at the Inlander behind and move on to slightly less boring production and art duties along with some exciting art duties (eventually). The new girl was supposed to start today, show up at 10 am and hash out some schedule conflicts that would supposedly start with the new semester at EWU (class from 10 am-1 pm). Of course this is what actually happened: Her mother showed up at 10 am to inform Michael (the A&C Editor) that Laura has class from 10 am-1 pm and would be unable to make it today nor in fact take the job at all — it gets better though — she then proceeded to give Michael her resume and cover letter and ask if we would hire her instead. Needless to say the answer was no. The answer would have been no if she had shown up on her own and not been trying a bait and switch ploy with her daughter. WTF?

Thing two brought a small amount of joy back into this depressing soul crushing defeat ridden day. Or y'know: whatever. It's this

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