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It's 3:15 am here and 11:15 am back home and–as tired as I am–apparently I am not tired enough. Eventually I'll get it sorted I suppose. Random ephemera:

  • I hadn't realized how much I missed the sound of crickets. Even now the chorus is singing outside my parents house.
  • I also can hear the freight trains as they pull through town, I never once heard that sound in the UK, despite it being nation of trains. It's kind of sad as I think about it since the blast of the diesel engine's horn is my most favorite sound.
  • Rona, who is coping fantastically (and did exceptional on the flight–and layovers–to Spokane), is still a little over stimulated and under rested, exclaimed to us yesterday in the car, "Why did we leave Aberdeen!" It breaks my heart and there was no answer Sara or I could give her
  • Grandma Stolte stole Rona's birthday (and our welcome back from the family shindig, we let her as we knew we'd be too tired organize it our selves) and since she doesn't do it for anybody else, "There are just to many people now, y'know?" she exclaims, Rona and I are not sharing our birthday. I am find this incredibly disappointing.
  • Scotland misses us so much that it sent high, high humidity with us. While the lightning and thunder were much appreciated, I am not sure that we could have dealt with the heat (85˚ F/29˚ C), or will deal with the heat and lower humidity (as I write it sits at about 67%).

Date: 1 Sep 2007 18:10 (UTC)
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Glad to hear that you're all back safely, sorry to hear that you are missing Scotland so much. I get it - I, oddly, had a dream about Manchester this morning that I just woke up from with this missing deep in my gut.

Date: 2 Sep 2007 00:03 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm still hopeful we'll make it back. It was jsut very much home, quickly and deeply. Plus the current sleep deprivation makes me tend towards wistfulness and nostalgia. Hey remember that one time when we were all well rested? That was ace!

I want to get rested so we can start getting out and seeing people, the whole ordeal will start to feel less like exile at that point.

Date: 2 Sep 2007 04:12 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Glad your trip went well. I look forward to seeing you guys sometime in the not-to-distant future. Good luck with the least, that's what I called it when I got back from my 4 months in the U.K. back in the day.

If you happen by G.U., I'm sure Morgan (Hostetter) Hatcher would love hearing about your Scottish adventures. We had a blast when we were traveling through there, oh, those many years ago, and I'm sure she'd love to share the memories.

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